10 on 10: March

Taking a break from my usual psycho-waffle, I’ve joined this awesome little circle, whereby on the 10th of each month we each post 10 photos of anything we like- life as it is for that month. When I’m not banging on about green thinking and hanging out on beanbags with kidlets, I love taking photos. I have an unhealthy love for Instagram, but damn work gets in the way of me becoming fully obsessive. I’m still learning (A LOT! Gosh I take some shockers!), but it’s just so good to have something that’s for me, you know? It’s important for all of us to have something we like to do, something that’s just for us. You know, outside of being all the other roles we have to be for others. We have to do something for us and put ourselves first at times (oh yeah I have a whole post about that coming up!) But without further ado, please indulge me as I take you through just a typical afternoon in our ‘hood.

10 on 10 March

It was a bit of a slow moving weekend. With the exception of #parentsgonewild at Soundwave. Well, as wild as one can get when pregnant! So I totes got down with my water and rocked out. It was a sight to behold.

The day before though we headed to the park to run off some steam. It’s a nice small one down the road, easy to trek to. It’s usually quiet and empty. But of course it was busy when we headed down. And so taking pictures without looking like that creepy stage Mom all over her children’s shit, or trying to avoid accidentally snapping other kids in the picture and then looking like a creepy stalker was a mission. I could’ve just said I was a psych and gotten away with it. We’re pretty messed up.


Miss DP of course takes after her Mama and cares not for rules or regulations. In some aspects, but then hates getting in trouble. It’s a conundrum. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a mountain climbing set-up, honey.


But she climbed like a monkey anyway.


Miss SP and her expressions. All splashed across her face. I see an Oscar in her future.  I’m sure someone wasn’t following the rules here. She’s such a policewoman!


While one lass is demure, the other is a firecracker, taking to every piece of play equipment like a bat out of hell.



Seriously. They kill me with the cute.



Best of friends, trying to herd poor Brucey. He has grey hairs for a reason.


We live in this pocket of town that is so leafy and filled with creatures galore. It feels like we’re stuck in a nature documentary sometimes.


And although we’ve seen the sun go down on summer, some of the pretty flowers are still holding on.


Thanks for indulging me. Do you have a little hobby you love to dabble in? If you’re enjoying checking out some pictures, then go check out the rest of the lovely ladies in the 10 on 10 circle. They’re a bit of alright. Follow along to Ellen over at Potential Psychology, and you’ll get taken through all the group by clicking through. Mucho fun!



  • As I follow you on Instagram I think I am fully qualified to say your photos are certainly more rockers than shockers, and this perfect 10 are no exception. I love the way you’ve captured parklife with a bucketload of cute! Love this project!

    • Oh you are just the bestest ever lady! You’re way too kind!! Thank you!! You should totes jump in on the 10 on 10 next month. You’d rock it! xx

  • So lovely. Time at the park is fun. I love your little ladies and the photo of the two of them together is gorgeous. Beautifully captured. Jx

    • Thanks so much sweets! So lovely of you to say. I know lots of people aren’t fans of the park, but I love hanging out there with the girls, watching them explore and play is the best!! xx

  • That expression on little Miss SP’s face is priceless Sash. You’ve captured what looks like an awesome fun time at the park xx

    • Thanks Di! I had quite the giggle when I looked back through the pics and found that gem. It’s her all over!! x

  • Love the expressions on your girls faces! Photography is so much fun isn’t it! x

    • Oh they’re such little drama queens- their expressions are priceless sometimes!! I love photography- just got to learn a bit (or a lot!) more! x

  • LOVE love love that hibiscus captured – such beautiful light xx

    • Oh thank you Lisa! That’s so lovely of you to say! It was a lucky snap with the last of the arvo sun. The lighting wasn’t being so cooperative for the other pics that day unfortunately!! x

  • SO much cute! love the nature shots. Xx

  • Jo

    Too much cute!!!! Woh! Amazing photos Sash, you certainly got an eye for it xx

  • That photo of your two girls together on the bench is a keeper! Don’t you love it when you snag one of those! x

  • Oh that face in photo number three! Adorable although I get the feeling there’s a pretty strong personality behind it. I agree with Shannon, the photo of the two girls together should be on your wall somewhere :-) x

    • Ha ha oh you are spot on Ellen! A very strong personality! :) I think the PC term is ‘spirited’ but I often tend to gravitate toward other words. I think I will have to look into printing that pic- just to prove to the girls they can get along! x

  • Karen

    My favourite is your girls on the park bench. Absolutely gorgeous x

  • They are cute indeed! Is there an award for the 4 years old policekid/lette? Because mine could make a club with yours! I envy you all with the beautiful wild nature you have. It’s peaceful! Your hood seems quite pretty to me! xx cathy

    • Ha ha Cathy, oh gosh little police people everywhere! :) They’ll keep us in line, yes? And thank you! We’re really lucky to live in a capital city but have this pocket of leafy nature that we’re tucked in! Though I could do without the constant visits from snakes and spiders!! Your town is utterly gorgeous, I’m in love with it! x

  • So much cute! I have two little girls that are growing into best friends too – it’s the best x

  • Oh god they’re adorable. I want to steal them. How did you manage to get kids that like each other? You need to teach us about that. Gorgeous photos Doc xxx

    • Honey, feel free to steal them anytime. Particularly the youngest, she and Thud are like peas in a pod. We enforce a strict policy here of “you’re sisters therefore you have to be best friends. No arguments. The end”. I’m sure I’m breaking every rule in the book with that gem. 😛 Thanks lovely xx

  • Lovely photo’s Sasha! Captured your kids wonderfully :)

  • Gorgeous photos Sasha! Love your girls, they’re so adorable. Great photos of them together too, so rare to get good photos of siblings!

    • Thanks lovely! You’re too sweet- they’re a bit of alright, I think I might keep them. 😉 And it IS so rare to get good pics- usually takes a lot of bribery! 😛 x

  • That photo of them together on the bench? And the one of the little as police woman? Beautiful!

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    I adore the one of them on the bench. Print and frame that one for sure x

    • Thanks honey! I was in shock that I actually snapped it! They’re usually tearing each other’s hair out, lol! x

  • Just Gorgeous Sasha! I totally think that wall really was made for Mountain Climbing though….

    • Thanks lovely! Ha ha on second look, it certainly could be… but it’s a tad crazy for little ones and their little legs! No stopping my lass though! x

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    beautiful photos Sasha! Such sweet girls xx

  • Sasha I think you already know that I love your photos. Always fresh and thought provoking. Looks like a pretty great trip the park! xo