10 on 10: April Edition

Another month, another 10 on 10. I gotta say, it’s a challenge doing these things. Because I realise that I have so much to learn about taking pictures, and I like to know everything yesterday and have I mentioned I’m a tad perfectionistic? So, consider this an exercise in resilience and persistence. I’m my own walking experiment.

This month, well…. could we go past Easter? Erm, no. Bunnies and chocolate and cute lasses hunting for eggs? I’m sold. The day started with egg hunts at home, before heading out to breakfast at the beautiful botanic gardens cafe. Face painting was the order of the day.

1. Rubes face painted

Someone was a little chuffed with her face paint.

2. Pops on table

Someone else decided it was worth of a table top dance. That’s my girls.

3. Water lillies

The water lillies were chilling after being pelted with rain!

4. start of egg hunt

Already having limbered up with a home egg hunt, the girls were primed…..

5. Pops egg hunt

Miss SP was on it, collecting eggs like a mad lady

6. Rubes and Pops end of egg hunt

Miss DP on the other hand, was so consumed with finding a big bunny, she let all the other eggs go by! Even handing eggs to other children! Needless to say she also missed a big bunny. Girl gotta learn to hustle for chocolate more, like her Mama. Buuuuut they were two happy campers, so whatevs. Miss DP even commenting ‘that’s ok I didn’t get a bunny. I’ve got chocolate at home.’ Yesssssss. Well trained by Mama. Quietly high fiving myself.

7. lizard on deck

The cafe’s resident lizard wanted in on the action. Cheeky bugger.

8. city scape

Then while we were there, we took a quick look at the city. Looks kinda nice from here. Missing from view is the murky brown river. Hawt.

9. Matt and Rubes colour

Daddy was trying to point out to Miss DP where her school was. She was convinced she could see it. If she had that kind of vision I’d be pimping her out!

10. Rubes climbing pole

And what Easter isn’t complete with a family run around the oval behind home, and some pole climbing? The girl is part monkey, I swear…..


Thanks for sticking around and checking out the pics. As you know I’m part of a fab 10 on 10 group (well, there’s actually two groups of us at the moment!), you can link around to each of us. So from here, go check out the Diana at Diana Photography, she’s got the goods!!


How did your Easter go? Did you do a little somethin’ somethin’ just for you? Like maybe take better pictures than I did?

  • Jenny Jones

    I enjoyed your lovely family Easter photos-what a great day you all had and the weather looked glorious. I especially like the ones showing your girls’ lovely face painted faces and the one from the back view ready to look for their eggs-gorgeous:)

  • Gorgeous pics.. you take the best photos and I know it! Looks like everybunny had an eggcellent Easter and that face painting is mighty fine!

  • Cuteness overload with fab pics to celebrate. V x

  • @dianaphotographyaustralia

    What a beautiful location! and with those models you can’t go wrong. :) Beautiful photos – congrats xo Diana

  • Jacinta Barnes

    You don’t give yourself enough credit – your photos are always awesome! I am so envious of the Easter hunt… I tried and failed! Colby realised we were looking for chocolate and said no thankyou and Amity found the first one and refused to move until she ate it all and then was over it! Ahhh kids ruining all my fun and photo moments!

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    beautiful Easter memories!!

  • The sky is amazing in all these pics! I love the tones. Looks like a beautiful whimsy day you had. I can just imagine those water lillies getting hit with rain. There’s always something special about lillipads isn’t there! That pole hold at the end… tough chick!! x

  • How’s your waterlillies?! Straight out of a Monet!! Gorgeous x

  • Awww, those happy little painted faces. Can’t beat it! I’m impressed by that lizard!

  • How gorgeous are your girls! Bet they had fun! x

  • Bahaha. I have a great photo of my monkey niece at the top of a goal post. What lovely sunny family day. Makes me smile xx

  • Karen

    Adorable girls and everyone loves a bit of face paint! Looks like a fun day x

  • Gorgeous Pics! Your girls are so adorable. I just wanna squeeze their little cheeks! My fave is the first pic! That face.. just divine! xx

  • What precious babies! I love that first one & I love the one where it’s dad and daughter from behind. Great job with this!

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    What a fun day! Nothing like a good ol’ face paint to make a girls day! Um that Lizard would freak me out!!

  • Jo

    Gorgeous photos of your angelic girls!! Was this at your fave cafe/restaurant The Gap! Stunning views, I love the Daddy & daughter pic xx

  • Your girls are just way too cute! How good is that face painting artist. Love the daddy and daughter photo too. Think it’s my fave! Resident lizards at a cafe just don’t do it for me I’m afraid! :)

  • The egg hunt for the win. My two LOVED their hunt this year as well. The Grandmothers may have had a little too much fun playing Bunny!! 😉 These are gorgeous memories Sash. Jx

  • Great pictures Sasha. I remember those egg hunts from when I was a little kid (actually I still am a little kid sometimes haha). This lizard, just walking around freely? Freaks me out a bit…

  • I love your girls, they are just too cute! I don’t remember doing Easter Egg hunts when I was little but I am determined to do them for my kids!

  • Sasha, the 3rd photo is like a Monet painting, at least it reminds me of Nymphea by Monet. You really have freaking animals there. Just curious… will you ever have something like you know winter? Ever? xx cathy

  • Wow, that’s pretty spesh face painting! The girls looked like they had so much fun! I especially love the one of the two of them waiting to start the egg hunt and the one of bubba SP collecting eggs. ADORABLE.