10 on 10: June

On this Wellness Wednesday I’m taking a different tact. Rather than flood you with psych stuff, I’m taking pictures. Each month I play with a bunch of lovely bloggers and we all take a bunch of pictures, 10 to be exact, and then link through to each other. Hence the name 10 on 10.  It’s a nice idea. And it forces me to go and do stuff on the weekend, because pictures of my backyard or my insane dog every month might get a bit tiresome to look at.

I am notoriously bad at taking time out and chilling. I know, shocking, right?! But basically, I feel like I need to be working, or cooking, or cleaning, or doing other ridic shit all.the.time. And if I stop and chill- then I’m lazy. I should probably go and talk to someone about that…..

But this weekend just gone we had a long weekend. And I actually stopped. And I chilled. And I hung out with my crew. My work took a backseat. As did the cooking and cleaning. Just don’t look at my floors and we’re cool, k? Feeling nauseous as all heck probably helped force me to stop, but let’s not talk about that part.

I realised that I need to stop more often. We need me to stop more often. I’ve talked about us Mamas putting ourselves first before, but yet I still keep pushing myself and not stopping. So how’s that for a wellness message? Just fucking stop for a minute. Please. Don’t get stressed about stuff that isn’t going to fall apart if you take some time out.

Now, I should probably quit chattering and start showing some pictures, huh?

This weekend, I was feeling saucy. As saucy as a beached whale pregnant lady can feel that is. We were chilled and having fun and I thought we should try something a bit different. So we took the girls out to putt putt. Yes, we are mildly insane.


The 5 year old was intrigued. And slightly uncoordinated.


The 3 year old was…. a 3 year old. With her own manic flavour thrown in.


The Mister normally likes to get his game face on, but after I hole-in-oned his ass on the first hole, and the 3 year old ran off with his ball, he kinda gave up. Fair call.


It all started off fairly civilised


Miss SP was oh-so helpful in picking up golf balls.


And there were cuddles galore. Initially.


Then the lure of pushing boundaries got too much for one munchkin.


Miss DP was focused and composed whilst waiting her turn.


Aaaaaand Miss SP wasn’t. Jumping off rocks and pretending to shoot other kids with her golf club was totes more fun. Of course. *Note: we have no idea where she got the idea to use her golf club as a gun/water gun. I blame Xbox.


When it was all done and dusted, the little rock star scaled the ‘do not sit on the wall’ wall, and let her sparkly shoes do the talking. I realised in this instant that the next time I was coming back to putt putt was when I could sink a few ciders and enjoy Miss SP stealing my golf ball. But still, putt putt was a bit of alright.

If you’ve made it to the end, I salute you. Now, go and stop and chill yourself this weekend. Doc’s orders. May I suggest a spot of putt putt? Sans manic midget though, they can throw your chi off a bit.

Now it’s time to pop on over to the lovely Veronica at Mum of Five Girls to check out her 10 on 10.  And pop below to add a link to our Wellness Wednesdays! You can link here or over with the ever gorgeous Kristy at Loulou Zoo. You know you want to…..

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  • Great pics and such a fun thing to do as a fam. We attempted it once too in the hunter valley and had a similar experience … one kid lost his club in the bushes somewhere and we had to backtrack around the course to find it pissing off every person there. But quality family time all the same. Thanks for the docs orders too! Xx

    • Lol! Quality time spent trying not to tear your hair out I could imagine! At least in the Hunter you’re very close to a lot of wine. 😉 x

  • Oh that looks so much fun and I love that you took some time out. I am now coveting your girls’ tights, I wish they did them in grown up sizes! I’m assuming that as you’re the doctor, you’re going to be following your own orders from now on! xx

    • Sweets, it was darn HARD to take some time out. I may have panicked a tad at missing work time ha ha. And I am so with you! Why don’t they make cool tights for grown ups? We get lumped with dull. And you know I’m hopeless at following my own instructions! 😛 xx

  • Oh this looks like a great day! And I so agree with you that mums need to take a bit of time out now and then. More than that, we need to give ourselves permission to not feel guilty about doing nothing.

    I think kids are happier when mum is happy and relaxed. No kid ever had a great childhood watching mummy mop the floors.

    Take care of yourself please Dr Sash! Nausea is THE WORST and maybe is your body’s way of forcing you to take it easy right now. xxxx

    • Oh love, that nausea was horrendous! And never ending. Blergh. It’s so freaking hard to not feel guilty about doing nothing, isnt it?? I hope you’re not mopping any floors AT ALL. Because really, there’s no point. Resistance is futile. The dirt and the toddler will destroy them. Might as well roll with it. x

  • Nice work on getting outdoors and doing something fun while pregnant. Its tough to find that inner fun when the inner is moving and kicking and sucking your energy! Great shots. I am slightly jelly of the thongs and sandals as I type this in Canberra winter temps! Oh and anyone that plays golf in a tutu is awesome and I want to be their friend :) JT xo

    • Lol! So true! But I’d look like a bit of a jerk if I take myself for 6.5km jogs and then don’t go out with the girls- they’re onto me! 😛 Gosh the temps down there scare me lady- you guys are built tough! xx

  • The that the balls match the outfit – just gorgeous! Love that your girls still have predominately pink wardrobes, mine is nearly 8 & pink is now officially naff. Pretty much had to have a complete wardrobe change, lucky she outgrew everything anyway… xx

    • Lol- my girls are such fashionistas they totally had that planned! The pink wardrobe- totally not my doing- they’re all over it! If I had my way they’d be in monocrhome or blue he he he! I think it’s Mum’s prerogative to slip in some pink into your daughter’s wardrobe somehow. 😛 She’ll be back into it again in years to come I bet! x

  • The second photo kills me as does the one of her running up the ramp! How very cute! you’re right about needing to take time to take care of us. There are often more important things than the cleaning…and I have to remind myself of that.

  • Jacinta Barnes

    Always love your photos Sasha and the story is even better! If I let my two loose with golf sticks they would knock each other out!

    • Thanks sweets! Ha ha ha we had a couple of close calls with the girls knocking each other out (and random strangers)! x

  • Aaah, kids and mini golf. A wildcard activity if ever there was one. You never know if it’s going to be love, hate, joy or disaster. Looks like you all had fun. xx

  • Ok you can talk to me about this! And after that we join together as a club because well… you know! I’m like you! I’ve always hated mini golf for myself. Found that boring. But with kids of course it should be much more fun! Take care not so big whale! xxcathy

    • Mini golf becomes really competitive with adults ha ha, but kids you just give up from the get go and just focus on the fun part! And lol!! I AM a big whale- I assure you! 😛 xx

  • I’ve forgotten all about mini golf, my boys would love it. Until they realised they could have more fun using their sticks as ninja weapons that is. Cute pics of the girls as always. Soooo great to hear you taking some time out. You especially deserve it xx

    • Well they can follow in Pops’ lead and try to ‘spray/shoot’ random kids along the way ha ha ha!! Always makes for interesting small talk between golfing patrons. 😛 I hope you take some time out too lady! x

  • Your photos are so beautifully composed! And so glad to hear that you stopped. We haven’t taken the boy out to mini golf either, will have to add it to our adventure list!

    • Oh thank you so much lovely! What a lovely compliment! xx I haven’t stopped since this day, I think I rely on the 10 on 10 to make me stop ha ha! Definitely add mini golf to the list- he’ll love it! x

  • Great thing to just stop and chill. Beautifully captured through your photo’s Sasha. Long time no mini-golf for me. Maybe I should give it a try sometime…

    • Thanks Erik! I say you need to get into a game of min-golf this weekend! It’s one of those surprising little outings where you have more fun than you realise!

  • We haven’t had a round of putt putt in so long, but my kids have always loved it too. Even when they were tiny they would get in there and have a red hot go. Your pictures really capture a fun family day out, Sasha. x

    • Thanks Bron! It’s a good giggle watching the kids out on the putt putt course, and it’s one of those activities that you forget about, until you push yourself to do it. Just nice to be out with the family and not chained to the laptop! x

  • Lol! That’s it! Can’t do things without a bit of glitter and tutu, right? You need to sit down lady! Do it this weekend!! x

  • Look at those gorgeous little legs. I know ALL about 3yr old pushing boundaries. Come to think of it I know a butt load about 2 yr olds pushing boundaries too. Jx