I’m here!

OK, so this has been a long time coming….. I mean a really long time coming. Lots of Mitty moments in my head thinking of putting something out there and then being the chicken that I am, I retreat away from the keyboard and drink some more vino. But, in a moment of severe work procrastination here I am. This little ditty here will hopefully be of some use to someone, and maybe be of some use to me too! Being a psych, it’s hard to reach everyone, and to help everyone, and let’s face it, we’re bloody expensive to see. My hope here is to create a place where I can offer some insights, empathise in parenting woes (as I have many!), and provide some pretty resources to help us all muddle our way through this gig. And that’s about as much as my brain has to contribute right now, but watch this space! :)