The Other Side….. of Infertility

A couple of weeks ago, the amazing Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid shared her story of cancer, total eye opener on the other side of an issue that freaks so many of us out. And last week we were talking all about PND, a topic we don’t talk enough about. It got me thinking, the flip side of PND is also a very real, very heartbreaking issue that we never quite know how we would deal with it…. until we have to. And that’s the gut wrenching rollercoaster of trying for a baby. And struggling to fall pregnant. A very dear friend of mine is going through just that. She gorgeously agreed to share her story, to help raise awareness and insight into what it feels like, and importantly, how to deal with it. Sometimes the cards we’re dealt with in life suck balls. And it’s hard to find the positives out of things. But, there is balance- there is some ok stuff out there. And hopefully her story can help others, and help us ALL to see that we’ve all got that gumption, we can pull through shit times and make the cards we’re dealt with work for us.

winding road via

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Thursday Tidbits- The core…. beliefs

Thursday. Tidbits. We’re at it again. So, we’ve had a crap load of stuff to churn through in the last few weeks- understanding the cycle, calming the body down, tapping into the brain, learning to be detectives. Last week we saw common thinking errors we make- and that we’re not being dicks when that stuff comes up, it’s NORMAL. But it’s so normal that we can categorise it, and that might mean perhaps there’s another way to look at things.

So today. We’re done right? Nup. Today we’re still on the hunt for thoughts. Well actually we’ve found them (hopefully!), now’s the time to actually do a bit of a cross-examination on them. What’s reeeeaaaaally going on? Sit your thoughts in a dark room, with a swinging lightbulb. Pace around your thoughts and grill them. Play good cop, bad cop with them.  Get them to cough up the goods. What is it that they’re really on about?

When questioning, apparently it’s good to take a hip flask with you. I’d believe Matthew McConaughey, wouldn’t you? And omg if you haven’t seen this show, YOU MUST.

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Caught in a FAD

We all know it. We’re at the crazy end of the year. The part I call the ‘bers. It is a functional name yet also makes me think of a Stephen King novel. Which is how the end of the year feels like for me half the time. It’s hectic, hot, steamy, mental. I have been plugging away and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so of course my brain goes into shutdown mode. Or maybe I’m just really daft. A distinct possibility. The biggest thing that hits me at this time of the year? FAD. And no, not the FAD where you suddenly have the urge to grow a stately beard, wear flannelette shirts and ride bikes with baskets while sipping your double shot soy mocha latte decaf espresso out of your bric-a-brac tea cup. Though, I am partial to a good bric-a-brac cup. No my friends, I’m talking……..Fuck-a-duckitis.

hipster via digital distro
A whole other kinda FAD. Needs more bicycle basket.

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Monday Fuzzies- Pass the Dutchie

Hello! And before you go ‘oooooh errr dutchies!’, sorry, can’t offer you any wacky type dutchies. Though might make for a merrier festive season? Today the awesome Karin from Calm to Conniption has kindly popped over to share her Fuzzies vibe today. And she likes to pass dutchies. You can take that to mean what you will. No seriously, she is a groover, and all round lovely lass who is a sharer and a carer. And she’s got a cracker of a Monday Fuzzies challenge this week.


pass the dutchie pic
Passin’ dutchies they were. Caring bunch of kids.

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Thursday Tidbits- 11 Top Thinking Errors We Alllll Make

Yessssss. Magnum PI ftw

Helloooo! We’re back! From a brief hiatus. Which ain’t a bad thing as I’m sure there’s been a bit of info overload with all this psychobabble stuff. Today, we’re just gonna extend on this whole detective thinking biz, by looking at some common thinking errors that tend to get in the way and screw with us.

Thinking errors are just that- errors. They’re like mental shortcuts our brain takes sometimes. Because we’re clouded by emotion, or it’s habitual, or it’s just our default position. They’re a bit like star signs, we can look at them and go ‘ohmahgawd, that’s ME!’ and think it describes us to a ‘T’, only they’re so general they kinda describe the whole population to a ‘T’. But you can bet your bottom dollar I am totes a Leo. It’s me alllll over. So unique. We often think we’re alone in our thinking patterns, so the neat thing about thinking errors is that it helps us to see that these things are common, so common in fact that they can be categorised!

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You down with PND?

Having a child is a game changer. No doubt about it. If you believe the Huggies and Johnson and Johnson ads, parenthood is clearly all squishy cheeks, beautifully soft skinned loveable lads and lasses, with perfect Aryan features (what is WITH that?), running around in slow motion, giggling and joyous, while Mum with perfectly coiffured hair (well maybe a single strand down around her face, because she is clearly an everyday mum), smiles lovingly as she scoops her little darling off the ground to change their nappy, which probably smells like unicorns and love. Sounds divine. I’m in.

pnd huggies

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Monday Fuzzies- door to door

Is it just me or does anyone else ever wonder about this??

It’s getting to the pointy end of the year. We’re getting tired. We can smell summer in the air (and by summer I mean G&T’s), and the end is in sight. It can wear our patience a little thin. It also seems to mean (in our street at least) the emergence of more door-to-door salespeople. I always hope that the incessant yapping of Bruce will deter them, but these appear to be a new hybrid breed of salespeople. Part human- part machine. The salesinator. They are programmed to knock and talk and shove items in your face (because THAT’S a thing now.) and not leave until they break your spirit.

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The Other Side…. of the big C

Today I’m taking a break from Thursday Tidbits, just so that there’s a chance to let all that stuff sink in. It’s huge trying to work out your thinking, break it down and challenge it. We need a bit of time. So keep practicing! Because I’ll totes know if you’re not. I’m waaaaatching you (feeling creeped out enough yet? I’m good like that).  I think we often get so scared about bad shit happening to us, trying to picture what it might feel like in the situation, but never really quite gaining the full picture. So this is all about looking from ‘the other side’, seeing what it’s really like to go through some bad shit. And when you’re confronted with it, how the hell you deal.

I ‘met’ the amazing Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid whilst stumbling my way through my feeble attempts to start up blogging (actually still feebly attempting as I type this).  Instantly I was blown away by her warmth, her spark and her enthusiasm. She’s infectious- in a good way. Not like rabies or that bad rash in places you can’t speak of.  Anyways, I think when it comes to thinking and feeling good, Sam’s a total pro. You’d think life has been one effortless breeze for her with the happy-go-lucky nature she exudes. But you know the corker of it all? She’s gone through one of the toughest things we could face in life- that dreaded ‘c’ word. Not Christmas (though that’s pretty rough too- we’ll learn all about that soon enough), but cancer. And not once, but twice. Holy.shitballs. Puts things into perspective, huh? When you’re faced with your own mortality, that shit can have a little bit of a sway on your thinking and feeling. Sam has kindly agreed to share her story, and how she’s managed to bounce back from such a scary time in her life. And by reading it, hopefully you too can resonate with Sam, and know that you’ve got that strength in you too. It’s right there. You just might not know it yet.

sick ecard

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11 Reality checks that suck, but we kinda need them

Reality checks

Sometimes I need a kick up the butt. I think we all do. You know, when you suddenly throw yourself that pity party, but the party tends to drag out into an all-nighter? Or all-weeker? Or all-monther? Only there’s no cool buzz, just that gross hangover feeling, where only a Maccas run and some hydrolite will fix things (yes, hydrolite! Get on it!). So because I love my main man Dr. Phil (well it’s a love/’I-can’t-believe-he-actually-said-that-shit’ kinda relationship), I put my bald cap on and thought about all the things sometimes we wish we could say, that we never actually do. But they’re true. And goddamnit, sometimes we need to hear them. So…. Here we go:

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Monday Fuzzies- Yes and No

I wrote a few weeks ago about my no-aphobia. I am a shocker. And now that we’ve hit the ‘bers (septemBER, octoBER etc…. I know… CLEVER), my workload is out of control and everything is in warp speed. Shit gets cray at this time of the year. Stupidly, happens every year, but I act all shocked like it’s just come out of nowhere. I’m like Bart Simpson and that cupcake.

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