Thursday Tidbits- School Anxiety

back to school- school anxiety-

Here we are, another instalment of our back to school (or starting school) marathon. Sick of me yet? I sure as hell am. But, it’s on my brain a lot. And I’m thinking it’s on a lot of people’s brains a lot. And even if you don’t have kids starting school, some of these tips might be helpful for stuff in general. Have I justified myself enough yet?

We looked at how to prepare ourselves and kids for school, but what if your cherub is particularly anxious? And just flat out refusing to go to school? That adds in a whole other dimension of stuff to prepare for.

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Back to School- The Mum Factor

back to school mean girls
Oh yes indeedy. Coming to a school gate near you.

Mum cliques. Can you picture it? A posse of women, styled to the hilt, moving through the school grounds like svelte Terminators. Possibly also with red eyes. Scanning the crowds for who to align with, who can be let into the circle, and who can stand right the hell away from the circle thanks. Is this real life? Is it just fantasy? It is definitely something that I keep hearing about. And I have sadly seen firsthand in one particular environment. It leaves you feeling….. a bit ick really, doesn’t it? School is so much more than just dropping your cherub off for an education it seems. It’s not just your child that forms a relationship with the school community, you’ve gotta jump in too. Which is great in theory. It takes a village and all. But. Cliques. Coffees after school drop off with a side of bitching. Can’t even. Now, a huge caveat here is that by and large, I am sure cliques are a minority. The majority of Mums (and Dads) are awesome, supportive, and all want the best for their cherubs. But you know, like everything in life, there’s always a couple of sour grapes in the mix.

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Back to School: Tips for Getting Back in the Saddle

back to school

The Christmas tree has been packed away (hallelujah. Sorry, leftover Grinchmas here), fun in the sun has been had. Or sweating half your body weight away, same same. Lazy mornings, relaxed lunches, bedtime routines pushed out a little. Ahhhhh holidays. You so pretty. But then as quickly as it started, suddenly you’re staring down the barrel of routine again. Early morning wake ups, rallying the troops with military precision, organising, preparing…… where’s the wine? What do you mean it’s only 9am??

For some, school is a big part of this equation. It’s like going into labour, head down, intense for 10 weeks, then you breathe for 2 weeks. Rinse and repeat. Happy 2015! For others, it will be their first foray into the wonderful world of having to get your kid to school I’ll be one of the newbies, madly kissing my cherub goodbye and spit polishing shoes (probably not. But you get my drift).

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Thursday Tidbits- Setting Goals…. And Doing Something With Them

My favourite kind of list

Ok, so after being all ‘don’t even use the word goals!’ in my last post, today I’m going to completely contradict myself and say ‘let’s look at how to set goals’. I’m a living, breathing, hypocrite. I’m down with that.

We’ve thrown the idea of a resolution out the window. Because. Pressure. But setting goals is a bit different to resolutions. Resolutions we vaguely put something out there that we resolve to sort out, and kind of just leave it there. Goals instead get us making plans. Putting stuff in place. Working out exactly what it is that we want. Goals can be good to keep us on track. I mean really, what do we do if we don’t have anything to work towards? I can’t even imagine. But then again, I am a planning freak, who writes lists about lists. What? You mean you don’t do this?

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Resolution shmesolution…..

Heck.Yes via

So, apparently we’re in 2015 now. I’m not too sure about this, but the eleventy billion pictures and posts and such splashed across social media gave me a hint. It’s lovely to see such excitement for a new year. New hopes. New dreams. New ideas. Feeling optimistic for how things will pan out. I’ll take two thanks.

It’s also that time of the year where people vow to make resolutions. To ‘fix’ stuff or to ‘improve’ themselves/their life/other or to ‘do’ more. It’s good to have something to work towards, no doubt about it. But resolutions can kiss my ass. Wanna know why?

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