Monster Series: The Worry Monster

Hello! It’s that time again, where I come here and waffle some crud on some stuff and hope it makes sense. Sounding really profesh, right? I know. I have no faith in me too after that glowing introduction. Anyways, let’s push ahead, shall we?

Last week we chatted about our monsters, and I wanted to know what your monsters were like. And then my manic monster took over and I haven’t even had a chance to respond to your comments yet. Noice. I promise I’m going to. My ‘sir paranoid a lot’ monster will make sure of it.

We know there’s lots of monsters out there, but the first cab off the rank is one of the biggest monsters, we and our kids often face. The dreaded worry monster. I’m going to talk about anxiety in worry monster format, in the hopes that it might help if you have a cherub who is currently afflicted with said monster. Because sometimes as a parent (or as a teacher or anyone who deals with kids!) it’s hard to put into words what anxiety is, in a way that kids are going to grab a hold of, and most importantly, not blame themselves for.

The monsters are real, yo

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Munchausen? Or just a lot of bullshit?

So no doubt by now you’ve probably heard the whole Belle Gibson (founder of ‘The Whole Pantry’ app) saga. And if you haven’t- what rock have you been living under? Can I come join you please? Anyways, to get you up to speed- see here. I’ll wait for you.

Read it? Shaking your head in disbelief? Welcome back. Bit cray, isn’t it?

On the surface it seems so incredibly outside of the realms of possibility to actually be true. Could someone spearhead such a huge deception? How could she live with herself? Is she just a cruel, manipulative person who has taken many for a ride? While understandably a lot of people are confused, hurt, and very angry at her, another question has been posed. Could she have Munchhausen Syndrome?

Munchhausen Syndrome is a mental health issue, whereby a person feigns illness in order to seek attention and affection. Also known as Factitious Disorder, it’s not for any financial or medical gain, it’s more a complex issue fueled by irrational and clearly unhealthy desire to get the sympathies and focus of others. It’s not about some jerk egomaniac who wants to hog the spotlight, or some evil person who loves to manipulate others. They tend to believe their own lies, or the payoff for telling such lies simply fuels them to go further.  In a way, Munchhausen is a form of self-mutilation. Pulling oneself down, sometimes even hurting oneself, to make the appearance of being sick ‘realistic’.

Image: Source

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What’s Your Monster?

Monsters. They’re little fuckers. They tend to be upsetting across the board. From storybooks, to hiding under  beds, to jumping out of cupboards, it’s hard to find a good one these days. They can even follow us into adulthood.

monsters ince pic

We all have monsters. For most of us, our monsters are pretty tame, they’re small and occasionally flare up, but mainly we’re in control of them. But sometimes our monsters get big. Like, really big. So big that they block our ears and cover our eyes. They jump up and down like a toddler denied the last chocolate biscuit in the pack.  They suck balls when they get that big. And they can have a huge impact in our lives

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The Silent Killer

It’s insidious. Akin to dragging nails down a blackboard. You feel all the feels: confused, annoyed, unsure, sad, worried, amused. It can hit you anywhere, anytime. Mainly in public or when you have company though. That’s when you’re vulnerability is exposed. And all you can do is smile through gritted teeth and use your ‘nice but firm voice’. Is it leprosy? Nuclear warfare? Food shortage? No. It’s worse. So, so much worse…….




It renders even the toughest of us defenceless. Particularly when it’s children doing the selective hearing. How do you manage a little human who can hear you, but won’t hear you all at the same time? You can be CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, but you can’t manage selective hearing. Dominate others in your chosen career, but are nothing more than a helpless sap to a toddler. The struggle is real.

selective hearing mom ecard

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Are You a Control Freak? Then High-Five Yourself

Control Freak (2)

Ever have those moments where you just can see that something isn’t going to go to plan, unless you step in? Feel loathed to share the remote control at home, lest you be stuck watching utter drivel? Ever decide to just take over tidying up, because things are not being put back where they should? I’m feeling ya…. I really am.

Control freaks get a bad rap. Often seen as domineering, picky, and pushy, people often try to steer clear. But it’s not all negatives!

Let’s have a look to see if you’re a control freak. Answer the questions below with as much brutal honesty as you can. I promise I wont judge you on your responses… much….muahahahaha.

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10 on 10: April Edition

Another month, another 10 on 10. I gotta say, it’s a challenge doing these things. Because I realise that I have so much to learn about taking pictures, and I like to know everything yesterday and have I mentioned I’m a tad perfectionistic? So, consider this an exercise in resilience and persistence. I’m my own walking experiment.

This month, well…. could we go past Easter? Erm, no. Bunnies and chocolate and cute lasses hunting for eggs? I’m sold. The day started with egg hunts at home, before heading out to breakfast at the beautiful botanic gardens cafe. Face painting was the order of the day.

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The Other Side….. Of an Eating Disorder

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at the other side, and this is a rather apt post, given our chat about food and mood. When we get extreme with stuff, it can really muck with us. Eating disorders strip our gut of our happy juices, strip our minds of stability and sense, they are insidious. And when they happen to someone you love? I cannot begin to describe the helplessness that is felt. It’s like you’re trapped outside the glasshouse. You’re screaming, beating at the glass. You can see what needs to happen for the person inside, but they can’t see you, nor hear you. Instead you just watch on as they destroy themselves, without realising they’re doing it.

My experience with eating disorders doesn’t just come from a professional aspect, it’s been a personal issue I’ve seen too. One of my dearest and closest friends battled courageously for years and years, and has recently begun to come out the other side. But it’s never over. Never ever over. She graciously agreed to share her story.

eating-disorder via alegna solutions

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Food and Mood…..Dude. Wellness Wednesday

food and mood dwight meme
Thanks Dwight. You’re on it.

So, for today’s Wellness Wednesday post, I’m all about the food. Mainly because I feel like an oompa loompa post-Easter. Because. Chocolate fiend and lack of self-control. But food is the shiz. Truly. It does so much for us.

Now I just need to be open from the get go. I am no dietician. I can’t go and break down food into chemical properties etc. But I do know about mood. And what impacts on mood. We psychs get trained on the physiological aspects of the body and brain and what can influence mood. And food? It’s got a big role to play.

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Being Mindful….. without the ‘ommmm’

Mindfulness. It’s this new ‘buzz’ term going around these days. And by new, I mean it’s actually thousands of years old and utilised all.the.time in Eastern philosphies. But us Westerners have now grabbed on and yelled ‘well golly gosh! Look at us clever Western folk! We’ve found a new way of being!” Facepalm.

Anyways. I’ve always liked the idea of mindfulness. But… the ‘feel the peace’, kumbayah stuff? I giggle without fail at the mere hint of an ‘ommm’. But I so want to be on that mindfulness train, I do. Zen, come at me.  So if you’re a bit like me and want to be mindful but don’t want the hippy children-of-tomorrow shit, then read on.

mindfulness minute meme
Amen sista

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