5 tech hacks for the perpetually busy… and winos

Seriously, what is with life? It gets busier, and faster, and more manic and faster and insane and did I mention faster?! I swear I only had my firstborn yesterday. For realz.

We have so much on the go nowadays, and it’s hard to keep the juggle up. We try to keep the house afloat, the kids alive, work chugging along, partners to remember (oh yeah, who are you again?), and somehow get that holy grail ‘me’ time cracking. If you get this all balanced, please come and be my guru and teach me the ways. Plllleeeeaaaasssse.

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Are You the Back-Up Friend?

Friendships are funny things. We muddle our way through, bump into people and sometimes we just ‘click’, and a friendship is born. Others we cautiously dance around, sniffing the other out and a friendship grows over time. Some we’ve known since we were kids, and some we’ve met yesterday but feel like we’ve known them forever. Friends are da bomb. We tend to gravitate toward a few and class them as our close friends, while others are more run of the mill friends.

Sometimes though, we’re not the close friend. We’re the other friend. The friend that is great, but just not ‘the’ friend.

Ever felt like that?

It’s the feeling of being the back-up friend.

It’s totes a thing. Might not be in the clinical handbooks, but it happens. A lot. Google search that shit, you’ll see topic after topic of people feeling the same.

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The Five Stages of Child Birthday Party Prep

Princesses, pirates, superheros and fairies. Hepped up on sugar and excitement and bouncing around like a mob of hyperactive kangaroos. No, it’s not a Liberal fundraiser;  it’s the standard child birthday party; every parent’s dream and nightmare all at once. You want so desperately to create magical memories for your little cherub, while at the same time feeling a tad sick to your stomach wondering how to pull off a party for a group of little monkeys without resorting to drinking wine out of a brown paper bag. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I endorse wine coming out of anything, truly.

With every party comes a series of stages that we go through, as we plan and prep to within an inch of our lives, the much anticipated celebration of our darling’s birth. Just like the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ five stages of loss and grief, so too do we have five stages of children’s birthday party prepping. IT IS REAL, YO.

It is an emotional journey, not often occurring in a straightforward manner. We can lurch from one emotion, backwards to another, get stuck on one and then shoot through to other emotions. While there may be a range of emotions involved, typically the following emotions can be exhibited at any given time.

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