5 tech hacks for the perpetually busy… and winos

Seriously, what is with life? It gets busier, and faster, and more manic and faster and insane and did I mention faster?! I swear I only had my firstborn yesterday. For realz.

We have so much on the go nowadays, and it’s hard to keep the juggle up. We try to keep the house afloat, the kids alive, work chugging along, partners to remember (oh yeah, who are you again?), and somehow get that holy grail ‘me’ time cracking. If you get this all balanced, please come and be my guru and teach me the ways. Plllleeeeaaaasssse.

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Something I bang on about a lot to families I work with is ‘working smarter, not harder’. Which is a lot easier to say than do. But this adulting gig often means we can’t be everywhere all the time, doing all the things for all the people. I think the thing is when we have so much we ‘should’ be doing, we get stressed. And stress makes things shit. Fact. I’m sure that can be quoted from a research article. There’s all these new apps and services at our fingertips that can help us feel good and take some pain out of daily shit. There’s so much about technology and how it’s wrecking us, but there’s actually some good little thangs out there that can have a good impact. So let’s try and take the stress out of things where we can, and start to feel a bit good again.

Here’s some stress-buster technology that can help you with the juggle:

  1. Not gonna lie, life can get a bit shit inside our heads sometimes. But it can be hard (and costly!) to find a psych and get to regular sessions, particularly when juggling work and little ones. Well Mood-Gym and E-couch are two amazing online FREE services that can help you work through some stuff. They’re free and self-paced, and private and free and easy and did I mention free? I like free shit.

2. You know how we’re meant to like exercise and stuff for our wellbeing but who the hell can even fit that in? Say hello to the 7 minute workout. Holy.shitballs. What an app. I had no idea- and was introduced to it not long ago. It works for all people- those who are insane and feel the need to exercise, and those who hate exercise with a vengeance but want to at least burn enough calories to drink a wine. I fall into the latter category. 7 minutes and you’re done! The kids don’t even have enough time to kill each other, you can feel all virtuous that you’ve exercised and then spend the rest of the day trotting around like you’re all that. Activewear is optional.

3. So this might not so much be specifically wellbeing, but seriously if it can take some stress out of your day, then it’s freakin’ wellbeing in my books. Online ordering. Life saver. For realz. Like seriously, who even has time for shopping? It takes forever, if you have to drag kids with you it’s akin to taking an echidna on a jumping castle. SO MUCH FUN. Groceries suck big ones, ain’t gonna lie. But this whole fandangled click and collect business now is the shiz. Order it online, while screaming at the kids with unbridled enthusiasm that only the enclosed walls of your home can provide, then pop through and have them load the groceries in your car while giving the kids a ‘treat outing’. Everyone’s a winner. Other stores are now jumping on the click and collect bandwagon too. Saves in delivery fees and all you have to do is pop out and grab whatever you’ve ordered and hightail it outta there like an introvert from a festival. BUT WHAT ABOUT MY WINE, DR. SASH? WIIIINNNNNEEEEEE. I’m on it. You can totes get cracking wines now from the crew at Vinomofo. Like seriously, the name alone has me hooked. Getting wine delivered to my door and me not having to drag the tribe out to get it? Winning. They have a ton of delicious wines, with cool as anything names, for cheap. Cheap I tells ya! You can get special cases put together also, ummm yes please. Get on it!

From the Left Field- stress buster
Zen, in my activewear, with these bad boys. The Art of War is also an apt title for my household most days too. Thanks Vinomofo.

4. You know you need to be practicing all this chill-out stuff, but who’s got the time to be zen? Particularly before your wine is delivered? Smiling mind is where it’s at. It’s a free app that can sort out the kids and us in one hit. Gives you some chilled mindfulness exercises in a snappy zappy way. You can crack one out when you’re feeling like you’re about to explode, then again feel all virtuous and all over this mindful shit. Particularly useful for those of us who want to be mindful but who ain’t got no time for it. After you’ve worked out, and ordered your food and wine, you can enjoy stress free and being ‘present’. Present me my wine and I’ll be a happy lass…..

5.While we’re talking about being zen and feeling good, sometimes in this busy life we can feel pretty isolated and unappreciated. Well go forth and spread the warm fuzzies. Appreciate a mate is a cool app where you can design little nice quotes or compliments, save them and then either keep them for yourself, or send to a friend. When you’re in the trenches it can feel just plain crap sometimes, but if you can get out of your head, and compliment yourself, or send something nice to brighten up someone else’s day, then you’re gonna feel good, stress less and feel more able to deal with the grind.

From the Left Field- busy
My face when people text ‘I’m going to pop over in 10 minutes’. Send me an appreciate a mate pic first, soften the blow peeps.


So there you have it. Food, wine, exercise, brain, wellbeing and social all covered via technology. BAM!

Do you have any go-to tech hacks to simplify things and help you stress less?


Brought to you by Nuffnang and Vinomofo

  • Hugzilla

    Now you are making me wish it was 5pm…. That wine looks awesome.

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    I need a little more than a 7 minute workout. My mental health needs it

  • Betty

    Where had that 7 minute workout been all my adult life?!

  • I just spent way to long looking for an app that you never said existed… perhaps I should move onto Smiling Mind. 😀

  • I look at that 7 minute app most days but don’t actually do it. I love Smiling Mind , Appreciate a mate is downloading on my phone as I type this and Vinomofo for the win absolutely! x

  • That wine has my name on it! I’m loving the 7 minute workout app. It sounds so easy and inviting….haven’t had a burpee yet!!

  • I love that Appreciate A Mate app, totally checking that out. I’ve been meaning to get on the Smiling Mind train for like, forever. Perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine first…

  • winewinewinewinewine

  • I don’t think that I can make it through the week without my 1 hour yoga session. I think I tick off all the boxes – an hour to myself {whilst the children are at crèche} exercise, mindfulness, quiet. If it was yoga with wine it could be practically perfect!

  • Appreciate a mate looks awesome. As does wine. All the wine! Xx