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I am a

  • Mama to 2 crazy little ladies.  One who we’re convinced is the missing member from Small Potatoes, and the other who is living life like a Disney Princess. With another bub on the way very, very soon. Like I could pop at any minute. And I can’t forget my crazy furbaby Brucey.
  • Wife to a serial Xbox player. And I have to feign interest because it was written in our wedding vows to do so (no really! It was!).
  • *an (Sorry. My inner grammar nazi can’t cope) Attempted helperer-outerer. I am a psychologist who works mainly with kiddies and families, and I also lecture and research on the side.
  • Crazed music fan. Known to spend all my money on a good gig. The heavier the better.
  • Procrastinator extraordinaire.
  • Sarcasm addict.
  • Serial over-analyser.
  • Persistent wearer of children’s jewellery.
  • Recovering carbolinic (I totes diagnosed myself with carbolinia= fear of carbohydrates. It is a condition I am learning to overcome. Chocolate and wine are of course exempt from said fear though).

I wish I could

  • Wear tutus every day like my kids do.
  • Draw as good as my talented husband.
  • Walk properly in high heels. Because I’m a midget and they might help me to stop craning my neck to look at people.
  • Take the hurt away from kiddies.
  • Turn my brain off sometimes. It.never.shuts.up.

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I can’t

  • Read minds. I promise!
  • Give you medication. Or save your arm from amputation. I’m not *that* kind of a doctor. But it’d make for pretty cool stories! I’m game if you are? :)
  • Sing like Beyonce. But gosh darn it I try in the shower.
  • Braid hair. Drives me nuts. Am going to have to take tutorials before my girls get to school!

I can

  • Give good hugs. Even virtual ones!
  • Offer a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen.
  • Share and care and help pretty good.
  • Waffle like nobody’s business.
  • Make a mean choc chip cookie.

Welcome to my little space! A place where I’ve turned to get out all my little thoughts and ideas that swim around in my head. All the shades of grey; from wellness tips, to embarrassing myself, to sharing life working and raising kids and trying to find the light in things. And hope in the process that others might not feel so alone in the busyness of stuff!

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