Are You a Control Freak? Then High-Five Yourself

Control Freak (2)

Ever have those moments where you just can see that something isn’t going to go to plan, unless you step in? Feel loathed to share the remote control at home, lest you be stuck watching utter drivel? Ever decide to just take over tidying up, because things are not being put back where they should? I’m feeling ya…. I really am.

Control freaks get a bad rap. Often seen as domineering, picky, and pushy, people often try to steer clear. But it’s not all negatives!

Let’s have a look to see if you’re a control freak. Answer the questions below with as much brutal honesty as you can. I promise I wont judge you on your responses… much….muahahahaha.

Hey am I a control freak quiz

  1. Your child comes up to you with their latest handywork…. Complete with missing letters in the words they’ve written, and pictures where the colouring is out of the line. Do you
    1. Comment on how lovely the picture is and stick it immediately on the fridge?
    2. Use it as a teaching point to discuss phonics and fine motor skills?
    3. Beg them to fix the words, then after growing impatient grab the picture and begin fixing it yourself?
  2. You’re at the supermarket and you see a staff member stocking the shelves. You can clearly see they’ve not aligned the items properly on the shelf, and it’s looking quite messy. What’s your first reaction?
    1. “oh well, people will figure it out”
    2. “I would say something, but I’m running late, and really can’t be assed”
    3. “Omg! What is wrong with some people! I need to go and sort that out now!”
  3. Your partner cooks you a divine meal, while setting you up with the foot spa to sit back and relax (bahahahahahahahaha *breathe* bahahahahahaha… I know, I had to giggle too), but has set the cutlery the wrong way around. What do you do?
    1. You’re so zoned out (and shocked) by the foot spa, you just casually sit with cutlery all out of control
    2. Talk about restaurant experiences and slip in how cutlery is set out there, to see if he remembers and fixes it
    3. Toss the foot spa across the room while you hot foot it to the table to fix the settings. Honestly, must you do everything?
  4. How often do you write a to-do list?
    1. Only when things get really busy
    2. When I have a few different things on the go, or to plan out special occasions
    3. Every day. And then I make lists about those lists. I might end up with multiple lists in a day. It’s important to be organised, you know?
  5. A friend calls and says “hey what are you doing right now? Let’s go out for lunch” Do you:
    1. Say “Awesome! What a great idea! I’m out the door now!”
    2. Quickly check your calendar, move a few things around and promise yourself you’ll clean the kitchen later to make up for the guilt of ditching previous plans
    3. Absolutely balk at the idea of such spontaneity. Who the hell does that shit?! You tell your friend “I can fit you in for 15 minutes in 3 weeks. Mark it in your diary”
  6. You’ve just mopped the floors, only to have someone traipse in mud not even 5 seconds later. Do you:
    1. Laugh and curse Murphy’s Law, but not fret about it?
    2. Present a powerpoint to all involved about the importance of wiping feet prior to entering the house?
    3. Lose your shit and decide that you can’t simply spot clean that area, it will not blend with the rest of the washed floors, and thus promptly start washing al the floors again.
  7. Your friend is telling you about their latest business venture. What’s your reaction?
    1. “Oh that’s so awesome. You go for it! Whatever you feel is best!”
    2. “I can see you’ve got some great ideas there, wanna workshop how to get it going?”
    3. “Ok, well, I can see there’s lots of holes in your plan. While you were talking I’ve created you a 5 point business plan and aggressive marketing strategy. There’s no need to pay me, this one’s on the house”
  8. You’re trying to reach for something at the back of the shelf, but you’re too short. Do you
    1. Wander up to someone taller and ask politely if they mind giving you a hand?
    2. Try a few times, look around for a step ladder and decide you didn’t really need it in the first place?
    3. Absolutely refuse to accept any help, thus try and use the shelving system as a rock climbing exercise to precariously grab the item, be damned if you fall and hurt yourself.

If you found yourself nodding along to ‘c’ then you my friend are what we in the biz call ‘a control freak’. But take heart! It doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Control freaks can be very handy! I present to you the ‘Control Freak Benefits’ list:

  • You ensure that things run smoothly
  • You enjoy organisation, something that others might not like
  • You’re not afraid of hard work
  • You stick to your own vision
  • You’re decisive- you know what you want
  • You follow shit through

control freak meme

Control freaks ain’t so bad, yo. I’m not just saying that because I’m a god damned control freak who just can’  So if people have called you a control freak, it’s not necessarily a shameful thing. But. BUT. There’s always a but. Sometimes if the volume is turned up too high on the control-freak-o-meter it can lead us to put others off, to burn out, to be inflexible when sometimes a bit of flexibility wouldn’t hurt. It can be draining.

Just like everything, too much of anything can be a bad thing. A little bit of control freak is useful, we need a bit, but too much and it can have the opposite effect. And if your control freak is driven by an unhelpful emotion (anxiety, fear, anger etc) then it’s going to do you no good in the end. You’ve got to be a happy control freak. And sometimes we’ve just gotta pull an Elsa and “let it go” .

So go ahead my pretties…. freak away. Don’t feel bad if you like a bit of control, but just as long as it’s from a happy place. If it works for you and doesn’t hurt anyone around you, get your freak on. But if you’re not happy, and others are avoiding you like the plague, then it might be time to sort out the underlying crap and get back to happy control freak status.

control freak ecard 3

How’s your control-o-meter? Are you chilled, or a freak like yours truly?


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  • That quiz! It cracked me up! I do like a to be in control but I’ve learned I can’t control what happens, only how I deal with it, so these days I like to take a leaf out of Elsa’s book, and “let it gooooo.” In any situation I have to make the call, does this really need fixing/stressing about? Because really, life is just too short to get my knickers in a knot.

    • Ha ha I love me a good quiz! 😛 You are so good lady, I need a little bit more work in the ‘let it go’ department! x

  • Ok so I know I am a control freak but I’m not a bitch so some of those questions I come in at happy middle ground. Though that last one, I am definitely c! :)

  • Love this quiz! According to this I’m not as much as a control freak as I thought I was but maybe that’s because I’m still on holidays and have let everything goooooo!

    • Holidays are the perfect antidote to control freakishness ha ha! I bet you’re as cool as a cucumber lady, you don’t strike me as a control freak at all! x

  • Great quiz! Q 2 cracked me up!
    I’m a happy control freak… I think? But as I get older I’m happier to just let things go. Xx

    • Happy control freak is great! You da bomb lady! It’s funny, I think as we get older we just couldn’t give a crap to the same level we used to! 😛 x

  • I’m so chilled you could pop me in your drink!

  • Bahahaha…. I didn’t even need to do the test to know the answer! I have, on many occasions, rock climbed up to the top shelves. I GOT THIS EVERYONE.

    • Ha ha ha lady you are after my own heart! I love a good rock climbing supermarket escapade. Adds excitement. AND CONTROL. x

  • Haha! I’m definitely a ‘control enthusiast’ :) Glad I’m not alone.

  • Linda

    I like to think I’m a good planner, seems I might be borderline control freak but at least it gets the job done.
    I do find it difficult to change plans at the last minute but try very hard.
    The remote control is MINE all mine.

    • Control enthusiast is I think the best description! I can’t handle last minute changes to plans- sends me into overdrive! You’re in good company ha ha! x

  • I read the post title. i didn’t need to do the quiz!! My MIL always says ‘oh let’s just go with the flow’. IT DRIVES ME MAD. Someone has to make plans so everyone else can go with the flow and be ‘spontaneous’ or nothing happens……she thinks I’m a control freak….

    • Oh I’d be with you!! How about ‘let’s plan shit out so we don’t have to go with the flow and shit will get done properly?!’ is probably what I’d be saying if someone threw that line at me!! You’re perfectly awesome by the sounds of it ha ha! x

      • She arrives next week for 10 days with us…..I asked her what she wants to do whilst she’s here and her son is at work all day and you’ll never guess what she said…:) Needless to say I’m planning and booking trips ……

  • Based on your quiz, I’m less of a control freak than I thought. Maybe just a part-time one 😉

  • Haaa haaa! So funny. I definitely lose my load on the wet floors thing. I am so lucky to have a cleaner who most of the time does them for me but maybe I am not the lucky one, maybe its everyone around me whose lucky I am not the primary mopper! x

    • Bahahahahaha! We got dark tiles when we built our house, specifically so I don’t go postal on people wrecking my floors! I’m with you lady! x

  • Am barely a control freak!

  • Omg I’m not that freak! I’m quite surprised because really, my freidns tell me that I’m a control freak… but there are some people worse! haha what a relief! xx

    • Ha ha ha there’s ALWAYS someone worse! 😛 I’m sure you’re just organised and making sure things get done! x

  • I am a control freak within my own small domain. If hubby or the kids want to help out I will relinquish all control and let them do things in whatever haphazard style they choose. Ditto other people. If it’s my stuff/work etc though Inam very.particular

    • I get that! I struggle to let hubby or the kids do stuff all warped though. Like when hubby ‘cleans the toys up’ and just dumps them all on the girls’ table, instead of putting them back in the correct baskets…. kills me! :) x

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    A control enthusiast… Lol I love it!! That’s definitely me!!

  • OMG…questions 7 and 8 were written just for me huh? So funny lovely!!! x

  • Hahaha yes, I’m a total control freak – thanks for not making it a negative thing! :)