Bundles a’ droppin’

My brain right now. More mush than usual mush. And it’s pretty mush. Why? No idea.

Just the same ol’ bundle dropping cycle.

You know how you go along, doing all the things, thinking you’re on top of it all and invincible, and then suddenly, somehow the tables are turned and all the things are on top of you and you’re just a ball of mush?


brain mushIt’s a pretty shit cycle, isn’t it? Sometimes, even the most hardy of us drop dem bundles.

Confession time: Even psychs drop their bundles. Send wine.

I think we just need to acknowledge that bundles get dropped, it’s ok to drop bundles from time to time, we then support one another until the bundle can get picked up gain. Because they always get picked up again, and the cycle continues. Dropping one’s bundle doesn’t necessarily equate to feeling bad or sad or mad even either. It can just be that things are busy, and there’s lots going on and we don’t know where to start. Taking the sting out of the dropped bundle is a thing. It helps. Promise.

Why is there this cycle? Well that’s a good question. I have no answer. K, thks bye.

No, really it’s just like life innit? Ebbs and flows, ups and downs, hots and colds, ins and outs (if you’re starting to sing Katy Perry in your head now, I’m sorry. #notsorry). There’s going to be times where we can carry more along, and other times where the bundle is dropped.

We call it a juggle, but really when you think about the actual act of juggling- your eye is focused on one thing, while the others flail about in the air, or they’re tucked away in your hand and there has to be decent rhythm cracking otherwise they all fall. So our bundle dropping might really be just that we’ve temporarily lost our rhythm. We never really hold our bundle in full when we’re juggling, we’ve got some things out of our hands, some things hitting our hands, while our eyes are focused on one ball in the air. Maybe that’s it- maybe we just have to realise that we never really hold all our bundle together in the first place.

bundles dropped meme2

It’s a funny thing, when I do have a bundle dropping day, I have this little voice in my head that says ‘go slow’. Which I think is hilarious because anyone that knows me, knows that the word ‘slow’ isn’t really in my repertoire. But my brain might know better. I don’t know where it comes from, but it pops up. Do I listen to it? Not always. But I do find it’s a good little reminder to maybe not put so much pressure on myself.

If I were giving myself advice (pffft. Who listens to themselves anyway?), I’d say, ‘OK lady:

  • Take some deep breaths. Slow it all down
  • Focus on the here and now
  • Don’t fret about the bundle being dropped. It’s happened before, and it will happen again
  • Tell yourself- ‘there is nothing that can’t get sorted’. Because for the most part it’s true- we can always find a way through. It may not be pretty, or perfect, but there’s a way.
  • Slow down, and regroup.
  • What’s something you can do right now, that might help with one part of the bundle?
  • What’s something you can do to help spread the load?
  • Give yourself a high-five (no really, have you tried it? It’s ridiculous and makes you feel like a dick but it’s funny all at the same time. And also a physical short-circuit to getting caught up in yo’ head) and shake it off
  • Go slow for the day and face tomorrow refreshed.

And then I’d tell myself that I totally deserved a wine. Because darn it, we all deserve to treat ourselves because we’re all up in the slog and adulting can be pretty hamster-wheelish.

bundle dropped meme

But because I don’t listen to my own advice, I’d then slap myself upside my head and offer my advice to everyone else. Yes. Yes, there is a touch of weird in this one. It’s suddenly becoming clear as to why Miss SP is the little nutter she is.

So if you’ve dropped your bundle too, it’s allllll gooooood. Pick up, or leave the shit you don’t need on the ground, and keep taking one step in front of the other.


What’s your favourite go-to for those bundle dropping days?

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  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    No one listens to me either but if I was to listen to me, it would be your advice I would give, especially regrouping #teamIBOT

  • I think I’m in a bundle-dropping month…I’m pushing on (as lightly as I can) kinda blindly, figuring it will work itself out…at some point!

  • I think I drag my bundle around til suddenly I snap and I’m all energiser bunny getting it done. Working on deadlines especially! I was never a “take the assignment home and work a few hours each day til due date” kinda girl, no not me!!! My go to is also wine – on a hard day a nice G&T. Have you tried a G&T with a slice of cucumber?! Oh my word – sooooo good!

  • TeganMC

    I try to remind myself that tomorrow is another day when I am in a bundle dropping period. I catastrophise entirely too easy so I spend a lot of the time talking myself off the ‘this is all useless and what is the point’ ledge.

  • I’m dropping bundles all over the place! I’ve had a horrendous cold that is taking forever to pack up and leave and it’s just making everything about a thousand times harder right now! Plus, you know, demanding teething baby stuff.
    I like a walk and a coffee to recharge me. Or a massive tidying frenzy. I love being surrounded by a clean house, it calms me down.

  • Oh I’ve gone pro at bundle dropping! It’s wearing me down actually. I need a break.

  • Regular bundle dropper right here! I too struggle to go slow. I know I should but it’s so damn hard especially as my brain is ticking over with so many to-do lists. The achiever in me wants to tick all the items off but the slacker in me wants to sit on the couch and drink wine while staring at my basket load of ironing. Getting more sleep and a strong coffee in the morning helps me deal with my bundles (but that sleep thing is easier said than done!).