They see me rollin’….. or not…..

It has been a hectic last few weeks. Hectic! Adjusting to this new life of ours, dealing with nasty random viruses, and keeping said infected germ factories (aka: the girls) away from the baby, watching an ever-growing list of things to do steadily grow, downing wines. You name it, we’re dealing with it!

When things get hectic, plans tend to go by the wayside. Some of us handle this ok and roll with the punches, others, like yours truly, tend to get in a flap about it. I *may* be a teeny, tiny bit anal about my routines, and about marking my to-do list off.

So it got me thinking. What makes some of us rollers, and others flappers? What’s your style? Those terms sound rather crass, don’t they? Totes my style.

Think about these questions- how would you respond?

1.The house looks like a bomb has gone off. In fact it probably has- a bomb of toys, detonated by tiny hands throwing crap all over the shop. Your friend rings (or texts. Because who rings these days?!) and says “what’s up? How bout I pop around in 20 mins?” Do you:

(a) Respond- ‘sure thing, you’ll just have to navigate the maze of toys on the ground’ and just put the kettle on in     preparation?

(b) Get really annoyed that you’ve been given 20 minutes notice, pace the house for 10 of those minutes muttering under your breath, panic and start throwing toys in a cupboard (that will most likely burst open smacking said friend in the face as they walk by. Penance for giving 20 mins notice in your mind), while responding ‘sure thing. Can’t wait to see you! xoxo’ (because even though you want to throttle them, kisses and hugs are mandatory to end a text).

(c) Just not respond. If you pretend the message never came through, then it didn’t, right?

2. You’ve got an appointment you have to get to in 15 minutes. You’ve prepped, you’ve sorted the troops out. You’re on top of this shiz! Then one of your cherubs decides to spill vegemite toast (because we ALL eat vegemite, right? And it’s Murphy’s Law that something so heinous would stain a shirt just before you have to leave) all over themselves and then the other has a toileting accident. AT THE SAME TIME. It’s kismet. And if you’re cherub free- let’s pretend you spilled something on yourself. We’ll save the toileting accidents to protect your modesty. What do you do?

(a) Laugh it off. No biggie. You’ll get there when you get there, these things happen.

(b) Stand motionless, paralysed by frustration. Noticing a twitch in your eye, you think you may be having a mini stroke. Curse Murphy for such a shitty law, panic about missing the appointment, and the chain of events that results from rushing and being late. That’s it, the whole day is ruined now.

(c) Pretend these things didn’t occur. Throw new clothes at one, hide the vegemite stain on the other. Smile and nod people, smile and nod.

3. You’ve budgeted to within an inch of your life. You know what bills come in when, your money is sorted. Feeling rather chuffed with yourself, you feel like it’s all covered and heck, at this rate you might be able to take the family on a holiday! To a caravan park an hour up the road, but hey, it’s still a getaway, right? Then you get an unexpected bill in the mail… in the form of a speeding fine from your delightful partner. Do you:

(a) Chip your partner for not following the road rules, but reassure that it’s all ok. It will work out somehow, and you’ll just have to budget a bit tighter for a few weeks. The caravan park will still be there.

(b) Begin plucking your eyelashes out, because it’s less painful than dealing with your reckless partner. Your voice quivers with rage, whilst simultaneously panicking about where the hell this money is going to come from, given the money tree out the back ain’t producing the goods. Curse Murphy’s Law once more and you’re convinced that Murphy is specifically out to get YOU.

(c) Shove it to the bottom of the bill pile, down a shot of whatever alcohol is close by and deal with it when it’s due.

From the Left Field roll post

If you find yourself gravitating toward (b) then welcome to flapperworld. I’m right there with you. Though of course we’re not that flap-extreme. Much. Cursing Murphy’s Law is mandatory though. Flappers need advance notice for everything. They need a notebook and a pen for obsessive list-writing. They are the planners, the organisers, the sorter-outerers. It’s a word. For real. Spontaneity, while it sounds awesome, really isn’t their shtick. When that routine is thrown, even the slightest, the flap begins. And the melodrama. And the mountains out of molehills shit.

roll ecard
Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’….

If you’re more of an (a) person, you’re a roller of the highest calibre. Nothing phases you. Breaking a sweat isn’t in your vocab. Shit happens, and you’re ok with shit happening. You shake it off, shake it off (ooh ooh… yeah try getting that song out of your head now…), and rolling with the punches ain’t no thang. People rocking up at the last minute? Come on in! Stuff going haywire? Not a worry.

FTLF roll post
Grumpy Cat doesn’t lie

And what about the (c)’s? Classic avoider. Like kids do when they’re really little- ‘if I close my eyes it’s not really happening, right?’ It’s akin to being a flapper on Valium. Rather than getting upset, they just block it out. Put fingers in the ears and go all ‘la la la la laaaaa’. While it feels nice in the short term to avoid shit, long term it is a big ouchie. The shit doesn’t go away, and that ick feeling in the pit of an avoider’s stomach doesn’t go away.

So ideally, we all want to be rollers. How do we get to divine roller status, without having to listen to Cat Stevens or spend a weekend in Nimbin? It’s not easy. My flapper self still struggles with rolling. Things I would say to a friend (but of course I can’t do for myself. You know, like the best kind of advice….) that might help would be to just chill out, relax, prioritise- what really matters? Is it a big deal worth flapping about? And what if you did just let it happen? Let that friend come over, or clean up the kids and run a bit late? Is the world going to end? Will your friend disown you because Toys R Us vomited in your lounge room? Will you be condemned because you’re 10 minutes late for your appointment (let’s face it, you’ll be like 20 mins late at least… but hey if you say 10 minutes you don’t feel as bad so let’s roll with that)? Challenge the flap- things might actually turn out better if you roll, you know? Or it might go to shit, but let’s not worry about that right now.

FTLF roll post
Do more of this. Ohhhhh yeeeeaaaah. Image source

I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to have our shit together, and to be ordered, and to present a nice, ‘together’ us, that we often end up in a flap about stuff we don’t need to flap about. Friends don’t care if the house has exploded in toys and crumbs (unless it’s like from an episode of Hoarders), appointments normally run late anyways, it’ll alllll work out. Kids have been sent to test our flapability, I’m sure of it. They are like heat-seeking missiles when it comes to mess, and tardiness, and delays.

We can roll. They’ll roll when we do. And in the meantime there’s wine. There’s always wine.

How about you? Are you a roller or a flapper? Or just avoid the whole shebang?

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Are rose coloured glasses screwing things up?

You know how we’re in this society where there seems to be so much god damned pressure to ‘look on the bright side’ and ‘think positively’ and ‘be grateful’, while showing the world how #blessed we are? Well, turns out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

I mean, sure, we need to live in the now, and it is so important to focus on what is going well as opposed to just looking at the shit going wrong. Nobody disputes that. But, not everything has to be awesome all the time. Nor do we have to ‘find the positive’ in every.single.thing. Sometimes crap happens, and we have to acknowledge that. Friends, I present to you, depressive realism.

depressive realism funny via tumblr
For realz. Via tumblr

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The New Wave….. Eeyore Syndrome

So you know how I like to enlighten you with information about various issues that we might face? Depression, anxiety, trauma, you know, the big stuff. Well, I have neglected to shed light on some important, but perhaps lesser publicised issues that are abundant in society. They might not come with the fancy names, or the diagnosis, but. They’re there.

NB:  I *may* or may not have made up some of the terminology and features, but they’re totes real. I’m sure of it. Humour me, my brain is fried and I’m forcing myself out of a writer’s block.

You know when you’re feeling pepped, smile on your face, spring in your step, ready to bounce into the day? Yeah, me neither, but it’s a nice concept, huh? Anyways, so you know those days where you’re feeling semi-functional, pretty happy and feeling like you can at least last until 5pm until you hit the wine? And then you meet up with that person. That person with that look. That look that says “are you REALLY that functional? Who is functional these days?” And then it starts

“Oh, you look happy”

“I wish I could be happy”

“Things are too stressful for me to be happy these days”

“Why can’t life be easier?”

And before you know it, you’ve entered into a D&M about the trials and tribulations of life and you’re questioning your own life and thinking that maybe wine at 11am would take the edge off things. The worst part is you know that they have a heart of gold, they’re lovely and they mean well, but they’re just so…… heavy. Everything is intense, everything is mopey.

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Self Control: Where Art Thou?

I had to go do a training workshop yesterday. Part of me loves these days for the bludge factor extensive and enriching learning that takes place, and the other part for the food. Catered morsels of goodness. All displayed on pretty doilies in all their glory. I seriously think any kind of food that you haven’t had to prepare yourself, and comes in small bite sizes, just tastes so much better than anything from home, am I right?

I go into these days with a steely resolve. I’m totes just going to eat the fruit and the salad out of the sandwich (can’t eat the whole sandwich. Because. Carbolinia. It’s real, people. And on a possibly related note, yes I may have some issues). And then I get down to the food table, trying to remain composed, but possibly recreating a scene from Chariots of Fire with my mad dash to the front of the line. And I start with the fruit. I truly do. But those little, tasty, treats are practically screaming at me to eat them. I think of the wasteful nature leaving them to rot on the tray would be, I think of the environment, and saving landfill, and I remind myself that I went for a 6.5km jog that morning *just in case*. So it starts with one treat, then another, and another. And I make sure I only eat half of the treat, so it’s half the guilt. Unless it’s really good. Then fuck it, in it goes whole. Then that slippery slope is laden with grease and goo and I’m slip slidin’ down with record speed. I’ve gone into a treat coma and when I wake, I realise that I’ve stuffed half the tray in my mouth, and the next session of the workshop is spent with me chastising myself and wondering why the hell I have no self-control.

self control gif
My arch nemisis


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Chriscray: Tips for avoiding the apocalypse.  

Chriscray via
Feels like this. Source:

It happens every year. Yet it still shocks me. The apocalypse is almost upon us. Also known as “omg-the-shops-are-closed-for-an-entire-day-we-must-buy-all-the-things”.  It is seriously the WORST feeling to wake up on Christmas Eve, and realise you have to bloody get to the shops to pick up something you forgot, isn’t it? You sit there meticulously trying to plan your time, so that you hit the optimal window of exhaustion/changeover of crazies/apocalyptic lull, and you write out a detailed list. Maps are included of shops needed to be entered, and times are given for precision.

You feel smug in your planning, thinking that you’ve cracked this Chriscray shit, you’ll be in and out like a ninja.And then you get there. Oh.em.gee. There is NO SUCH THING as an optimal window during this madness. You slap yourself upside your head, wondering why you just didn’t get up at 3:30am and go, like all the normal clever people do. Sleep is for the week, bitch. There’s a line of cars 10 deep vying for 1 carpark. People are dodging the traffic with arms loaded. You spy dodgy reindeer ears hanging off cars and resist the urge to gag.

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Monday Fuzzies- You Got a Friend

You’re standing in the corner at a party. Nervously shuffling your feet and avoiding eye contact. There’s some people on the other side of the room that look pretty cool. But they look too cool for you. Chatting away effortlessly. Stylish, suave, not a stain on their left shoulder. Do they even know your name? You tug at a strand of hair, chew at your lip and awkwardly muster up the courage to walk over there……… and then you realise you’re a grown adult and this is insane. So instead you down shots, slap yourself upside your head and go home to watch Sex and the City and pretend you live a parallel life to those gals. Or if you’re feeling particularly bitter, maybe watch Carrie. No judgments on your mental state here.

friendship carrie
Be my friend?

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Monday Fuzzies- door to door

Is it just me or does anyone else ever wonder about this??

It’s getting to the pointy end of the year. We’re getting tired. We can smell summer in the air (and by summer I mean G&T’s), and the end is in sight. It can wear our patience a little thin. It also seems to mean (in our street at least) the emergence of more door-to-door salespeople. I always hope that the incessant yapping of Bruce will deter them, but these appear to be a new hybrid breed of salespeople. Part human- part machine. The salesinator. They are programmed to knock and talk and shove items in your face (because THAT’S a thing now.) and not leave until they break your spirit.

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Having it all?


It seems that everyone is tired round these parts at the moment. Just too much going on, and we’re all fried. And I’m the worst culprit! #psychfail I’ve spent a long time now juggling 3 different jobs with kid-wrangling and house-sorting, and some days I’m like the most invincible chick in the world, and others my brain has just exploded into tiny pieces all over the house.

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I’m here!

OK, so this has been a long time coming….. I mean a really long time coming. Lots of Mitty moments in my head thinking of putting something out there and then being the chicken that I am, I retreat away from the keyboard and drink some more vino. But, in a moment of severe work procrastination here I am. This little ditty here will hopefully be of some use to someone, and maybe be of some use to me too! Being a psych, it’s hard to reach everyone, and to help everyone, and let’s face it, we’re bloody expensive to see. My hope here is to create a place where I can offer some insights, empathise in parenting woes (as I have many!), and provide some pretty resources to help us all muddle our way through this gig. And that’s about as much as my brain has to contribute right now, but watch this space! :)