Caught in a FAD

We all know it. We’re at the crazy end of the year. The part I call the ‘bers. It is a functional name yet also makes me think of a Stephen King novel. Which is how the end of the year feels like for me half the time. It’s hectic, hot, steamy, mental. I have been plugging away and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so of course my brain goes into shutdown mode. Or maybe I’m just really daft. A distinct possibility. The biggest thing that hits me at this time of the year? FAD. And no, not the FAD where you suddenly have the urge to grow a stately beard, wear flannelette shirts and ride bikes with baskets while sipping your double shot soy mocha latte decaf espresso out of your bric-a-brac tea cup. Though, I am partial to a good bric-a-brac cup. No my friends, I’m talking……..Fuck-a-duckitis.

hipster via digital distro
A whole other kinda FAD. Needs more bicycle basket.

You know that feeling of just being so completely overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start and what to do? FAD comin’ atcha. There’s just so much to do, so little time, so much cray that you just throw your hands in the air and think ‘fuck a duck’? FAD. When you know that you MUST (see that thinking error right there??) get stuff done, and it has to be done NOW, but you’re just blergh? FAD. And I find it becomes most prominent once we hit the ‘bers. Things seem to go into an insane time warp and everything gets rushed and busy. So, so busy. And that’s when my fuck-a-duck-itis comes out to play.

It starts as a niggle, much like the hands of a little child tugging at your shirt when you’re at the shops. Then that niggle turns into a gnawing, and before you know it you feel like you’ve had said little child jumping all over you, arms crossed, huffing and puffing about wanting to go on the Wiggles ride in the middle of the shopping centre (p.s. whoever was the bright spark to come up with the kid’s rides at shopping centres? I want to hunt you down and slap you). FAD can be pretty overwhelming.

Unlike previous fads of crimped hair, scrunchies and bubble skirts, this FAD isn’t nearly so stylish. It can leave your chest heavy, your head fuzzy, your face weary, your hair unwashed (erm between you and me, it was nearly 3 weeks before I could wash my hair again recently. Eeeew). Wine doesn’t even taste as good, because FAD has you stressed to the max and then feeling guilty for taking a sip of wine. Bastard.

I think she likes scrunchies…. I can’t be too sure though

How to not become a victim of the whiny, huffy child that is FAD? Here’s a couple of tips:

  • Breathe! We forget to do that, a lot. And not like ‘breathe to survive’ breathing, but like slow, deep breathing. Before you do anything, just take 5 slow breaths, let your body catch up with your brain.
  • Write a list! I love lists, I am a list fanatic. I might spend more time writing lists than actually doing things on the list. And cross things off the list. Man that feels good. The equivalent of rolling over and lighting a cigarette after a raunchy bedroom scene, like they show in the movies. If that’s your kinda thang.
  • Rank in order of priorities. What is an absolutely need to do right now? What can hold off for a bit longer?
  • Talk it through. Talk it over with your partner, talk with friends, hell, talk with your pot plant. Just verbalising what’s on your plate can help organise things, or make you see that things are actually achievable.
  • Take a break. I know, I know, there’s no TIME for a break, you douche! I’m hearing you. But you know, pushing through and persisting when you’re stressed and overwhelmed can actually lead to les productivity. So just set yourself a limit. Work for 20 mins, take a 5 min break. Chunk it down.
  • Just do it. Asphinctersayswhat? I know. While it’s important to take little breaks and chunk things down, try not to let FAD stretch that break out into an all-day procrastinationathon. As I so expertly do these days.  If you do head to procrastination town, I’ll be there to say hi. Because I freaking live in that place. And then stress out when I need to get everything done yesterday. But you’re way more clever than I, and you’ll be taking a wide berth, right?
  • Reward thyself. For even attempting to wade through the mountain of crazy on your plate.


The thing with FAD? Just like shoulder pads and hypercolour t-shirts, it too will pass. It never stays FAD-like forever. So, one foot in front of the other, just get through this cray time and before you know it you’ll be sitting back, wine in your hand wondering what the hell you were stressing about. FAD be gone! Alf from Melmac though? He is a fad that will NEVER pass in my heart. Give me alllll the Alf.

ALF (1)
You can be my FAD anytime


Do you suffer from FAD? And I have to ask- do you know why the hell the term ‘fuck a duck’ is used when feeling overwhelmed?? Like, what does that even mean? Who equated being strung out to fucking a duck?

  • My regular track at the local shopping centre is designed to avoid any kids rides. Though the return trip there is one I can’t avoid and it is always a favourite. Cracks me up when there are multiple kids on the same ride and all the parents look at each other like “Don’t you dare put any freaking money in!!” Well that’s what I do.

    No FAD for me, though I may just be one shopping trip away from it. Procrastination is forever my homie and my heart is always with my favourite bric-a-brac tea cup.

    • No FAD for you? I bow down, lady!! Sell me your secret!!

      Ha ha ha yeah I had the girls on a ride once and was about to get them off when some lady came and put money in. I could’ve slapped her- because my girls had believed until then that the rides just stayed still. 😛

  • Alf! How I missed you! I love lists (even though I don’t ever get through them) and ranking, even though some days everything seems important (even when it’s not.) I’m also a big fan of eating the frog, or whatever that saying is, getting the most hated task done first, everything else seems quite dreamy after that! I wish I was better at procrastinating, I’m like one of those flying party balloons, you know the small sausage ones blown up full of hot air, then you let them go, and they fly around all busy, making a big noise and then fall on a limp heap on the floor.

    • Alf is a total dude, isn’t he? My brothers fed my Alf doll to our dog- I was devastated! That’s an awesome tip- eating the frog. Everything seems a bit better once the ickiest task is out of the way! Lol, lady- I’m flying around the room like a sausage balloon with you! xx

  • Jo

    I would PAY to get those annoying rides out of our lives for good! My FF had a ride while we Christmas shopped (well played son, my guard was down), but I had my limits when he asked for a second ride at a nearby shop!!? Sweet child of mine soon learnt THAT would not be happening! I don’t my mum ever let us, we always knew it was a no! Lol!

    • Omg those rides are the bane of my existence! Although I’ve now trained the girls to jump off by the time I count to 5- and they think they’ve had a ride! Ha ha.

  • Bric-a-brac tea cup! Too funny!!!

    I am list-ing it up this week. Rarely do I follow the list, but just the mere action of writing them has me feeling all smug & organised.

    • Bric-a-brac tea cups are best consumed with flannelette I believe ha ha!

      Oh I love me that feeling of smugness through writing a good list. I am such a hoarder I keep all my notebooks dedicated to lists, so that I can look through and marvel at my organisational skills. Mind you, I’m still in a faff now, so clearly it’s all smoke and mirrors. x

  • It s totally same here. At this end of the year and l so in June. Always. I should know this in advance. .. But each year i m ending with burn out when Christmas holidays start.!!! I ll try your tips. I also love lists. Xxx Catherine

    • Ha ha I am with you Catherine!! I know it’s coming up… yet I still act like it’s all new to me! I love a good list, I write lists about lists ha ha! xx

  • Yep totally suffer from FAD chick… ALL YEAR ROUND :) I am going to collapse on the plane this afternoon xx