Getting fuzzy around town

This year has been a hard slog. Not gonna lie. I have work piling up and I feel like life is a perpetual hamster wheel of stress. Same stress, different day. It seems like as we get older we scream at life to slow down, only it doesn’t listen to us and likes to speed up instead. Bastard.

Even when the work is piling up though, and we feel overwhelmed, sometimes we have to just STOP and take a breath, and look at what’s around us. Right here, right now.  Last year, each Monday I’d have my fuzzies- taking the time to appreciate something, or try to do something nice for others. Just taking that fuzzy moment- to say something nice or to do something nice selfishly makes us feel good too. And helps others. We’re like freakin’ Mother Theresa’s when we fuzzy up.

I’ve needed to get out of my head, and I’ve got a couple of cherubs who need their Mama to be with them, even for a part of the day, so we’ve been out and exploring what’s in our own backyard.

Have you ever just gone out to find different places where you live? It’s like discovering hidden treasure sometimes. Or realising you have stashed a chocolate at the back of the fridge and totally forgotten about it until now. Winning. You forget about the mundane, about your own issues, and you appreciate what’s around you. A genuine fuzzy right there.

I think we’re pretty lucky here in South East Queesnland. We’ve got everything at our fingertips. Brisvegas is like a country town that had some steroids. Truly. It’s still got a fairly low key vibe, chilled, but with the perks of a capital city. And now with H&M. My life is complete.

There’s lots of places that Brisbane is known for- Southbank, Roma St. Parklands, Kangaroo Point. Allll the pretty. But sometimes they can get a bit nutso, so it’s good to find some more hidden gems around the place. I get fuzzy when I’m not packed in like a sardine.

To the east of us we have the super cute Shorncliffe. It’s like driving into a quaint little town, it feels so removed from a capital city. Beautiful water, a little mini beach area and a pretty darn cool playground. Because, what place is complete without a playground? It’s now our goal to find places with playgrounds. Pubs, cafes, you name it. Keeps us all happy. Moora Park was where we stopped off for a bit. Because. Free fun. I’m alllll about the free fun.


It’s winter, and it’s glorious and sunny. There’s nothing fuzzier than staring out to where the skyline meets the water. The girls were so excited, convinced they could see turtles. They saw rocks, but I went with it. There are cute cafes closeby, a cool pub with a deck, walking and biking trails. It’s got it all.




I’m like a cuteness junkie. I am addicted to seeing the excitement on my ladies’ faces. There is truly nothing better. So then I find myself doing all sorts of things to get a giggle and a gasp of excitement from them. Like walking up and down trails with a foot that was practically falling off, so they could go play and see the ‘sharks in the ocean’. Again, no sharks, but I went with it. I could potentially be setting them up for a life of delusion.





Then right in our own backyard we have the bush. I mean, we’re a bit spoilt, right? The water and beaches in one direction, and then the serenity of bushland in the other. The one thing I really dig about where we are is that we’re like 13 minutes from the CBD, but yet from here, it feels like we’re miles away.  I must admit I’m more of a beach gal than a bush gal, but how’s the serenity?




There’s a few places around where we live, but this is Downfall Creek Reserve. I know, a bit of an unfortunate name. Not boding well for one seeking fuzziness. But it was so peaceful and calming. So many trails to explore, and a senses trail for cherubs to get involved. Just to be in the middle of bushland, and hearing the birds chirp, it just instantly chills you out. Or, if you’re my cherubs, just makes you run faster apparently. They have walks and tours here, or you can do your own thang. You can bring bikes and scooters and tackle the big trails. There’s places to have BBQ’s and yes, you guessed it, a pretty cool playground. It’s big currency in this house. Once again- free fun!!





Biggest little lady got a bit excited trying to find birds and different things on the nature trail. And there’s a cool little activity centre she was all over like a rash. With a bit more rain the creek would be beautiful. And once you’re done here you drive 5 minutes down the road to one of the main shopping centres on the northside of Brisbane. Crazy, no?




Oh, hai bush turkey. Just hangin’ around. As you do.

And look, after all these playgrounds and getting in touch with nature, one has to get in touch with their caffeinated side. It’s just a must. We’re getting pretty darn hipster up here. Not quite to the level of the awesome Melbournites, but we’re getting there. I am a closet hipster. Or maybe not so closet. Minus the man bun, flanalette shirt and ridic soy latte double shot decaf order. And the basket on the bike. But give me mismatched bric-a-brac any day.


The new flood of cafes that are popping up are pretty darn cool. And what gives me the biggest fuzzies? They’re kid friendly. And dog friendly. But. Kid friendly. We have one of the best cafes right down the road from us, and it’s hipster to the max. Meet Hansel and Gretel. My girls love it. If they could grow mini beards, they totes would, just to fit in there a bit more. The staff are amazeballs, the food is drool worthy, they have a range of retro kids toys on a bookshelf. And a selection of the best mismatched bric-a-brac you can find. And I tell you, no town is complete without a hipster café with bric-a-brac.

Yes. Yes that is the Coreys. Could this place BE any cooler?

But the fuzzies for me here are seeing a warm, friendly smile. People being genuine. My girls being accepted. And just feeling comfortable. That’s what you want.

H&G girls montage

And so this is what I think we all need to do from time to time. Get out of our own heads. Get into our area. Seek the fuzzies, and chill the heck out. We need that time to be in the now, and to focus on others, in order to help us feel balanced and to cope with life’s everyday stress.

What’s a fuzzy you’ve done lately? Have you been stuck in your head and managed to escape it?


*This post is part of Kidspot Australia’s Put Yourself on the Map challenge. It’s all about #shareAustralia. You can check out a bunch of other awesome places to go here. But if they don’t have mismatched bric-a-brac, they’re not worth it. Just sayin’. 


It’s also Wellness Wednesday! Go on, link your stuff up. Get fuzzy. You know you want to. You can link here and over at Loulou Zoo with the gorgeous Kristy.

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  • Mum Of Five Girls

    Feeling calmer just reading that Sasha! Looks like you live in a lovely part of Australia

  • Hugzilla

    OMG no @#%$ing way!! That picture of the Coreys! What a squeeeeeee moment. LOL. I’d be totes all over that place if I lived up your way. It’s great to see that they acknowledge the true greats.

    • I was just gonna say the same thing! I think any cafe sporting the 2 Corey’s is destined to HUGE success and wealth!
      Brisbane sure looks like a cool place to live! I have family and friends that live there so tempting posts like this Sash, make me wanna book that trip already!!

    • I know, right?! 😀 It is the COOLEST place- all the tables have totally awesome 80’s icons on them. Add that to the mismatched bric-a-brac, and the man buns and flanalettes and it’s practically like walking into heaven! 😛 x

  • I love that wattle photo! What a lovely place to live.

  • Well the Coreys would do it for me. And the tiny table and chairs. It looks like the fuzziest of fuzzy days. Complete with gorgeous photos to boot. You did it all! Coast, creeks and coffee. What more do you want out of a day? P.S I HATE BUSH TURKEYS

    • Oh the Corey’s nearly came home in my handbag….! Fuzzy day, fuzzy Mama- exhausted from dragging the kids across town ha ha. And omg bush turkeys are a bit freakish, aren’t they? You wouldn’t like to know that they walk through our back yard ALL THE TIME. And they just walk down our street like nobody’s business. As you do 13 mins from the CBD. x

  • I love where you live! That cafe is great and how cute are your girls. So glad you got your fuzzies and a special day with your cherubs. Downfall creek, unfortunate name but looks pretty!.

    • Ha ha ha yes it is a bit of an odd name for such a lovely place! I chuckle every time we drive past it! It was a lovely day- if only we could scrap work and do more of them! x

  • Oh my goodness, you live in a place that is pretty as a picture! Pretty as lots of pictures, actually! As always your photos are totes awesome and your little ladies just ooze cute, That cafe looks like a fairytale, and the bric a brac is the icing on the cake.