Having it all?


It seems that everyone is tired round these parts at the moment. Just too much going on, and we’re all fried. And I’m the worst culprit! #psychfail I’ve spent a long time now juggling 3 different jobs with kid-wrangling and house-sorting, and some days I’m like the most invincible chick in the world, and others my brain has just exploded into tiny pieces all over the house.

I’m currently brain dumping here, when I’m really meant to be simultaneously getting the girls lunch, hanging washing on the line and reading, comprehending and coming up with briefs and lit reviews on the neuroscience of emotions and the impact of emotions and the brain on learning. Say wha? My brain is crying just reading those words! If anyone could give me some cliff notes on the topic I’d pay you in hugs and wine. Maybe just hugs, wine never leaves this house intact. :)

Can we have it all? Do we actually want it all? All is freaking huge, just sayin’. And what the hell is ‘all’ anyways?!

Anyways, sometimes I think we get so caught up on doing and being everything all at once, and really we just have to break it down and take it one step at a time. It WILL get done, things WILL work out and the kids WILL get fed….. eventually…. in the meantime playdough and dried crackers found in the corners of old lunchboxes will keep them occupied for a bit. So what I always tell others is to just:


Take 5 calm breaths,

Prioritise and then go one step at a time.

And throw the superhero cape out the window!


But that superhero cape is so shiny, it’s a toughie to ditch! Maybe just pack it away temporarily…..