Helpful Stuff

Here you will find a heap of stuff to help understand, learn, give you a kick up the butt, whatever it is you need! I’ll add to it as I come across more things.


Raising Children Network: Basically the bible for all things kids. Great info and insights

Reach Out: So much good. A great, easy to navigate site aimed at kids and teens, with forums, real stories, apps, you name it! All based on issues that we all face every day. Even better, Reach Out have a site for professionals too: Great for teachers, allied health people, anyone really- provides some excellent tips and lessons if you sign up! All free!

Do2Learn: A fab site with some awesome social skills resources and ideas. Great to use at home, in the classroom, in therapy- anywhere! Do2Learn is technically aimed at supporting children with special needs, but really, these skills are vital for everyone, and the tips are generalisable. Love the emotion wheel for kids!

Sesame Street Tool Kits: Love these! A great, novel site with a range of ideas for parents to support their cherubs to understand and learn about a whole range of things.

The Learning App Guide: A neat site put together by Bronwyn Sutton that offers eleventy billion app (well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but there’s a lot!) options to support kids in a range of areas, from social skills, to emotions, to behaviour and even literacy. She offers workshops all over the place, and does a lot of work with Professor Tony Attwood (the guru of ASD). Worth a squiz.

Black Dog Institute: Amazeballs. An awesome site dealing with all things depression, with tips for anyone and everyone, from people wanting to learn more about what goes on in depression, to professionals looking for further training and support. Looks at depression from children through to older adults, with self-tests and tip sheets available.

Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue is a really well known organisation, and their site offers some great info for kids, parents, adults, professionals- the whole shebang. They’ve developed awesome programs for use in schools, but the info is great for parents to utilise at home too!

The Happiness Institute: A great site focused on positive psych, looking at how to be happy! They put out an excellent weekly newsletter with tips and ideas on enhancing happiness, seminars and workshops are also on offer, as well as a neat little blog. Get on it peeps!


Online therapies

E-Couch: Awesome program run by Australian National University (ANU). It’s a self-paced, online, interactive program for anxiety and depression. And it’s free!!

Mood Gym: Another ANU gem. Self- paced, self-help course teaching cognitive behavioural skills to manage and prevent depression. Fab. It is aimed at adults, though older teens could find it useful too.

Centre for Clinical Interventions: I love, love LOVE this site. And the WA govt. are amazing for putting such a centre together. Here you will find a whole bunch of online modules and therapies for a wide range of issues, from social anxiety, to depression, to eating disorders, and even assertiveness. If you go to the ‘workbooks’ section, you’ll find a bunch of free pdfs that can be downloaded. Winning.


Triple P: Triple P is an internationally renowned parenting program, clinically supported and well researched. I use it all.the.time. It’s focused on positive parenting principles, looking at what to do, as opposed to what not to do. Have a look and see where a course is being run in your area.

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