When Life Gives You Lemons….

You know that saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Awwww, so much warm fuzzy. It’s lovely, and a gorgeous sentiment. But you know what? You don’t have to make lemonade. I think sometimes we stress ourselves out by making the lemonade. We struggle with these lemons, grapple with them. Sometimes they have bugger all juice in them, or they’re too tart. We become consumed by the lemons. We start to wonder if we could do something else with them? Could we turn them into a lemon butter? Do we have enough ingredients for any other lemon products? Sometimes our knife is a bit blunt, sometimes we need someone else to come in and help make the lemonade. Making lemonade can get tough sometimes you know? And what if this insistent pressure to make lemonade is all bullshit? Why do we *have* to make something out of these damn lemons?

lemon meme
Lemons can be EVIL…. you don’t need to make lemonade, cos they can get a bit vengeful…..

And so sometimes, when life gives you lemons? You can just let them roll by. Or roll them back. You don’t have to do anything with them. When stuff gets rolled our way, we have this need to ‘fix’ it, or to make it better, or to make it go away. And inadvertently, the more we grapple with the stuff, get up in its grills, get consumed by making it into lemonade, the harder it gets. We can let stuff roll by- acknowledge it, see it, and let it go by. Not all lemons need to be turned into lemonade. But you also can’t go smashing lemons and throwing them back at other people. Some lemons have to be dealt with, but we don’t have to work ourselves to the bone for all lemons.

lemon comic

Lemons are a necessary part of life. Sometimes we don’t quite get why, we get shitty with them, sometimes they’re not what we had planned for. But they roll on in and become a part of our life. But they don’t always have to stay in there!

I’m realising here that I may potentially be sounding like some crazed crackpot with a fetish for lemons. This may be partially true. Have you seen the things you can do with lemons? A lemon water in the morning, anyone? Noice. But essentially I think sometimes we waste a bunch of time struggling with stuff we don’t need to struggle with. Or trying so very hard to turn something sour into something sweet. And while it’s good to work towards flipping stuff around, sometimes the more we struggle with something, having it up in our grills, the harder it gets to see things clearly. Hell, getting lemon in your eyes stings, yo! And sometimes there is just some stuff that will stay sour. It just is what it is. So, for that truly sour crap, let it roll by. See it, recognise it sucks, and then let it go. Or take what you can from it, and then leave the lemonade for another time.

lemon cartoon
These guys know what is what

This whole idea of seeing bad stuff, acknowledging it and letting it roll by? Forms part of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), only they explain it sans lemons. I like lemons though. I’ll explain ACT in another post, maybe with a printable soon. When my mojo comes back. I think it got squeezed with a lemon.


How are you with lemons? Do you struggle to squeeze every last bit out of them? Or are you able to just let them roll by? I’ve been a squeezer, I’ll admit. But rolling seems like a cool thang to do…..


  • Hugzilla

    “But essentially I think sometimes we waste a bunch of time struggling with stuff we don’t need to struggle with.” Yes. I freaking love this. Mostly I’m a roller, but sometimes the masochist in me likes a bit of a squeeze too.

    • Ha ha I’m the worst masochist out. I’m squeezing for dear life. Then I get tired. Then I decide I’m wasting my time. It’s a vicious cycle. You’re a good roller lady, a bit of masochism never hurt… much. 😛 x

  • The thing is, you also need some sugar in your life to make Lemonades… that saying is only half the story 😉

  • Sometimes, I see the flip side, and bake those lemons into a cake, then I have my cake and eat it. And sometimes, I suck lemons, (because I’m just weird and I have blatant disregard for my tooth enamel) because lemons SUCK! But like you and the good Elsa say, sometimes you just have to let it go. The rest of the fruit bowl is your oyster after all.

    • You my gorgeous, are the absolute queen of getting those lemons transformed into something amazing. Even when you suck the lemons, you make them less sour! x

  • Don’t pick at the scab.. let the lemon roll by. Although, for the sake of my Son the latest lemon I got handed I am currently making parenting lemonade out of. The never ending joys!!! xxx Jx

    • Oh parenthood- so full of lemonade and a crap load of lemons all at the same time!! Go you for getting that lemonade cracking! xx

  • I just grab those mofos and drown them with gin 😉 xx

  • I like it that way… let it go. that’s perfect. Acceptance is a long way…

    • Acceptance can be such a hard thing to achieve! I totally haven’t gotten there yet, but it’s refreshing to not have to struggle all the time! x

  • Jo

    Depends on the moment…Somedays it feels like lemon juice is in my eyes!!! Other days it’s just bobbing up and down in my G&t keeping me calm, smiling back at me

  • I need to learn my sayings better…Always the optimist, Ive always used this saying in a positive light where the lemons are good. I turn those babies into good lemonade….

    • Oh no you’ve got it happening lady! Turning lemons into lemonade is great! But when it gets so exhausting and you can’t get a drop of lemonade out of them, then sometimes it’s ok to let them roll by. Keep doing your awesome thing! x

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Ooh that sounds very interesting! I think without the lemons we wouldn’t appreciate the good times… Mind you, I’m happy to limit my lemon moments!

  • There are definitely far worse things in life than helpful, tasty lemons! And I totally agree with you -,sometimes we’ve just gotta sit with the lemons, not try to pass them off as something ‘better’. We don’t have to be happy all the time. It’s exhausting. x

    • It’s a lot of pressure to always be bright, always be looking at the positives and turning the negatives into gold. Sitting with it is ok for sure! x

  • Yes sometimes you definitely need to let the lemons roll by, or take charge and roll them back yourself. Life would be too exhausting otherwise.

    • Indeed! I think we feel compelled to do something with the lemons, we get pressured into it! Letting them roll by is a-ok. x

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    Lemons are a challenge but I don’t need lemons all the time

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    I’d like to think I’m a roller but I probably spend too much time trying to make lemonade. It’s exhausting! “Some lemons have to be dealt with, but we don’t have to work ourselves to the bone for all lemons.” – love it. Note to self – listen to crazy lemon lady.

    • Lol! I luuuuuurve me some lemons! 😛 It’s hard to just leave them be sometimes, isn’t it? I too try so hard to make lemonade all the time. Not having to worry about it? Bliss. x

  • Some guy

    The guy in the second picture should have yelled that he didn’t want the damn lemons, asked for life’s manager, and burned life’s house down with combustible lemons.