Monday Fuzzies- Pass the Dutchie

Hello! And before you go ‘oooooh errr dutchies!’, sorry, can’t offer you any wacky type dutchies. Though might make for a merrier festive season? Today the awesome Karin from Calm to Conniption has kindly popped over to share her Fuzzies vibe today. And she likes to pass dutchies. You can take that to mean what you will. No seriously, she is a groover, and all round lovely lass who is a sharer and a carer. And she’s got a cracker of a Monday Fuzzies challenge this week.


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Passin’ dutchies they were. Caring bunch of kids.

Did you know it’s only 4 weeks until Christmas? Facebook told me. Does that not send shivers down your spine!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and I’m really well prepared for it this year already as the madness of shopping centre trips during the Christmas craziness scare the bejeebers out of me!

There is something about plentiful Christmas decorations hanging from every pillar and carols pipping from the ceiling that makes me want to shop more. Your marketing works Westfield! What I am not a fan of is having to do the eye-down-dodge to all the charities that line the centre aisles.

Each Christmas I always do some sort of charity donation amongst my present shopping but how can you give to them all?!

Saying “No sorry” fifteen times each shopping trip has me thinking of what do I do in my daily life that is giving back. Something that costs nothing but can make someone’s day brighter. You know, to make me feel better about all the rejection I have just dished out in 150 metres!

I smile at generally anyone I make eye contact with. They may think I am just a local crazy on her weekly trip out. Some weeks they wouldn’t be far wrong.

I will stop for the 15-minute conversation with the elderly lady about her cats when I have a fidgety toddler and a trolley full of rapidly defrosting goods.

I do not litter, nor does my family. My overflowing handbag of rubbish is proof of that.

OK, so a modern day mother Theresa I most certainly am not but these things at least can make a positive contribution in someone’s or something’s life.

One thing I love doing is leaving newspapers, magazines and books on chairs in public places for the next reader to pick up.

I love to read. Though my eyes are a little bigger than my aptitude and I have a tendency to have a towering pile of magazines and books beside my bed year round.

When I travel I am a bit the same. Often I have multiple magazines and a book for the two and a half hour flight to Melbourne. This is also travelling with a 2 year-old! I am a VERY positive thinker.

During my travels, if I finish a magazine I will often just leave it on the seat beside me in the airport, the train, the café table, wherever appropriate I might be.

Now I am not some litter bug too lazy to get my ass up and over to a rubbish bin. To me this is paying it forward.

It makes me feel great to think of someone picking up the magazine I have put down and taking it on its own little journey. Enjoy it along the way.

I once left a book on a shelf in Fiji where I was staying with my husband for our Honeymoon. I wrote a little message inside and hoped that someone else enjoyed it by the pool in peace. It was a child-free resort so peace is a given!

You can join in too by dropping magazines, books and newspapers, but there are rules!

Now these passed on texts quickly become rubbish if you are a finger licker. You know those people that give their busy finger a little lick before turning the page. No one wants your nasties. Keep it. Don’t pass it.

sharing ecard
And nasty finger licking germs. Eeeeew.

Or have you folded, bent, taken out a recipe, caught the bottom on your muffintop and ripped your magazine? Let it go. It is time for the bin.

I, myself, am not a fan of picking up any old newspaper due to the porous nature of the paper. Seems I am a little bit of a germ-a-phobe on that but if it is in good knick or if it is the Sunday Herald Sun (I love that rag!), just like Hugh Grant on a backstreet off Sunset, I am all for the pick up.

So next time you finish that trashy weekly or book you should pass that edition to the left hand side for your friendly neighbour just might be out of reading luck.

Have you ever tried it before- leaving something behind for someone else to enjoy? Or have you had it happen to you?


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Karin is a Mum of one and up the duff with another, FIFO wife and free spirit. She writes all things lifestyle and motherhood here.

  • Jo

    That is such a lovely idea! I always hold onto books which is crazy really as I barely have time to read it once let alone twice?!! I shall do this and leave a note – love a warm fuzzy moment! Good work Karin and Dr Sash xx

    • I’m the same lady- I’m a mad hoarder and hold onto all my books like mementos. But I think I’ll be leaving a few around the place for others from here on in! x

  • Great post, Karin and Dr Sash! I love it as much as I loved Musical Youth (which is a whole lot!) When I lived in London, I once found a book on the tube that was left by the author! I always leave books at hotels on holidays or if I’m at home, I give them to Vinnies, not quite as exotic. I often leave random baked goods in the lobby for the caretaker to enjoy for morning tea, does that count?!

    • Left by the AUTHOR!! That rocks!!! So cool.

      And random baked goods in the lobby – that definitely counts.

    • Holy coolness lady! That’s a keeper! And your baked goods are little gems of happiness- they need to be shared! x

  • I do that!! With book and magazines. I know it’s only a relatively small thing but I like the idea of giving someone’s day a boost with a little unexpected gift.

  • I am a hoarder of books & magazines. I don’t buy the trashy weekly’s any more, only cooking ones, so I have piles of them. Although I did pass on on boxes of magazines a few months ago to the local day care centre, does that count? And yesterday I got the wrong drink from the vending machine so gave it to a school girl sitting with her friends out the front of woolies. Does that count?