Monday Fuzzies- Spreading the Cheer

Seeing as how I’m totally stuck in Grinchmas town, it would seem a tad hypocritical for me to talk about cheer at Christmas time. More hypocritical than me purchasing a damned Elf on the Shelf, I hear you ask? Hmmm, good point. But we are in the fuzzies zone today, and it’s all about making others feel good. I could make you feel good with my tales of dysfunction, but the lovely Jo from You Had Us At Hello has come to my rescue, with some great tips to keep yourself feeling the fuzzies at this insane time of the year. Jo is all about spreading the love, and she’s got some awesome anti-Grinchmas ideas. If I took a leaf out of her book I may be only mildly Grinchy…..

grinch nickleback ecard
This is about as festive as I get. But Jo’s got the goods!

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