How to Stop Chroverwhelm

Say wha?? I know… but stay with me…

Do you start to itch when you spy tinsel?

Are you prone to an eye twitch when you hear carols in the shopping centre?

Do you wake up feeling exhausted at the mere mention of ‘last minute shopping’?

Then you, my friend, are suffering from what those in the biz term ‘chroverwhelm’. Well, I’m not sure who those in the biz are, nor that the term is actually legit, but it sounds like it should be a thing.

chroverwhelm meme
Add a Santa hat and I’m there

It’ll be a formal diagnosis in the next decade. I’m sure of it.

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Monday Fuzzies- Spreading the Cheer

Seeing as how I’m totally stuck in Grinchmas town, it would seem a tad hypocritical for me to talk about cheer at Christmas time. More hypocritical than me purchasing a damned Elf on the Shelf, I hear you ask? Hmmm, good point. But we are in the fuzzies zone today, and it’s all about making others feel good. I could make you feel good with my tales of dysfunction, but the lovely Jo from You Had Us At Hello has come to my rescue, with some great tips to keep yourself feeling the fuzzies at this insane time of the year. Jo is all about spreading the love, and she’s got some awesome anti-Grinchmas ideas. If I took a leaf out of her book I may be only mildly Grinchy…..

grinch nickleback ecard
This is about as festive as I get. But Jo’s got the goods!

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grinchmas cat 2
I’m hearing you, grumpy cat

Would you hate me if I said I can’t stand Christmas?


Yeah, I kinda hate me too.


But it’s a game of charades I can no longer keep up. Actually, I don’t think I ever hid it. So in essence I suck at charades.  But Christmas drives me mad.  The over-production, the insane crazy shops, ugly Christmas shirts. No wait, I kinda dig the tackiness of them. It’s like totes hipster, right? If so, I’m in. The pressure. THE PRESSURE. To hold the perfect day. To be creating amazing food and have this spectacular house. Decorated to the hilt, courtesy of Woman’s Weekly (monthly, whatevs) Christmas Special. To have amazing special, never-to-be-recreated-again moments with all the family. And the obligation to have to spend the whole day with said extended family. Great if one has an awesome family. Not so great if it’s a little nutty.  Then it’s more akin to being locked in a panic room with a twitchy skunk. I am deep into Grinchmas town.

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