Party Dad

It’s an all-too familiar pattern. The girls, having asked me for something, then ignore my response and go straight to Dad. Cuddles and kisses and ‘we love you Daddy’ ensues and suddenly they triumphantly walk away with the response they were after. I swear they also flip me the bird as they walk by. Well not really, but I can see they want to do it in their eyes. If they knew what flipping the bird was. Which they don’t. They only know swear words, not gestures. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

We used to joke about it pre-kids, that he would be the pushover doting Dad, and I’d have to lay the smackdown. And like a bad horoscope it’s all come to fruition. He doesn’t bat an eyelid when they go traipsing around with a fistful of sultanas they stole from the cupboard (OK…. fistful of chocolate. Who even am I trying to be all wholesome and stuff?) , he’ll agree to whatever they ask….. when they’ve come directly from No-town via cranky-Mumville, and when they’ve gotten in trouble from me, they’ll run to him for a cuddle. I swear he’s got a glint in his eye when they come over too. A glint of glory, from someone who has secured their spot as favourite parent. It’s like his eyes are flipping the bird.

From the Left Field- Party Dad post
Look at that Dad, dropping the beat. I HATE YOUR SNAZZY MOVES.

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10 on 10: March

Taking a break from my usual psycho-waffle, I’ve joined this awesome little circle, whereby on the 10th of each month we each post 10 photos of anything we like- life as it is for that month. When I’m not banging on about green thinking and hanging out on beanbags with kidlets, I love taking photos. I have an unhealthy love for Instagram, but damn work gets in the way of me becoming fully obsessive. I’m still learning (A LOT! Gosh I take some shockers!), but it’s just so good to have something that’s for me, you know? It’s important for all of us to have something we like to do, something that’s just for us. You know, outside of being all the other roles we have to be for others. We have to do something for us and put ourselves first at times (oh yeah I have a whole post about that coming up!) But without further ado, please indulge me as I take you through just a typical afternoon in our ‘hood.

10 on 10 March

It was a bit of a slow moving weekend. With the exception of #parentsgonewild at Soundwave. Well, as wild as one can get when pregnant! So I totes got down with my water and rocked out. It was a sight to behold.

The day before though we headed to the park to run off some steam. It’s a nice small one down the road, easy to trek to. It’s usually quiet and empty. But of course it was busy when we headed down. And so taking pictures without looking like that creepy stage Mom all over her children’s shit, or trying to avoid accidentally snapping other kids in the picture and then looking like a creepy stalker was a mission. I could’ve just said I was a psych and gotten away with it. We’re pretty messed up.


Miss DP of course takes after her Mama and cares not for rules or regulations. In some aspects, but then hates getting in trouble. It’s a conundrum. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a mountain climbing set-up, honey.

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