Getting fuzzy around town

This year has been a hard slog. Not gonna lie. I have work piling up and I feel like life is a perpetual hamster wheel of stress. Same stress, different day. It seems like as we get older we scream at life to slow down, only it doesn’t listen to us and likes to speed up instead. Bastard.

Even when the work is piling up though, and we feel overwhelmed, sometimes we have to just STOP and take a breath, and look at what’s around us. Right here, right now.  Last year, each Monday I’d have my fuzzies- taking the time to appreciate something, or try to do something nice for others. Just taking that fuzzy moment- to say something nice or to do something nice selfishly makes us feel good too. And helps others. We’re like freakin’ Mother Theresa’s when we fuzzy up.

I’ve needed to get out of my head, and I’ve got a couple of cherubs who need their Mama to be with them, even for a part of the day, so we’ve been out and exploring what’s in our own backyard.

Have you ever just gone out to find different places where you live? It’s like discovering hidden treasure sometimes. Or realising you have stashed a chocolate at the back of the fridge and totally forgotten about it until now. Winning. You forget about the mundane, about your own issues, and you appreciate what’s around you. A genuine fuzzy right there.

I think we’re pretty lucky here in South East Queesnland. We’ve got everything at our fingertips. Brisvegas is like a country town that had some steroids. Truly. It’s still got a fairly low key vibe, chilled, but with the perks of a capital city. And now with H&M. My life is complete.

There’s lots of places that Brisbane is known for- Southbank, Roma St. Parklands, Kangaroo Point. Allll the pretty. But sometimes they can get a bit nutso, so it’s good to find some more hidden gems around the place. I get fuzzy when I’m not packed in like a sardine.

To the east of us we have the super cute Shorncliffe. It’s like driving into a quaint little town, it feels so removed from a capital city. Beautiful water, a little mini beach area and a pretty darn cool playground. Because, what place is complete without a playground? It’s now our goal to find places with playgrounds. Pubs, cafes, you name it. Keeps us all happy. Moora Park was where we stopped off for a bit. Because. Free fun. I’m alllll about the free fun.


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Monday Fuzzies- Put a little love in your heart

put a little love in your heart. Via flickr
JUST DO IT, orright? via Flickr

We’re winding down to the end of fuzzies (it might come back in some form next year. We’ll see….). And you know, I love that people love to do fuzzies. I love that they try to do something nice to brighten other’s days. Because really, isn’t that what we should do as a basic human function? Sadly, it’s not the case for some.

There’s been a lot of intense shit going down in the past week. Our minds are spinning and our hearts are aching. And for the most part, these tough times pull us together. We see the best in ourselves and we put others first. But unfortunately there’s a small minority that try to fuck that up. They set out to incite derision and hatred. Do they stop to think of the human being on the other side that they’re running down/abusing/hurling hatred toward? Clearly not.

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Monday Fuzzies- Spreading the Cheer

Seeing as how I’m totally stuck in Grinchmas town, it would seem a tad hypocritical for me to talk about cheer at Christmas time. More hypocritical than me purchasing a damned Elf on the Shelf, I hear you ask? Hmmm, good point. But we are in the fuzzies zone today, and it’s all about making others feel good. I could make you feel good with my tales of dysfunction, but the lovely Jo from You Had Us At Hello has come to my rescue, with some great tips to keep yourself feeling the fuzzies at this insane time of the year. Jo is all about spreading the love, and she’s got some awesome anti-Grinchmas ideas. If I took a leaf out of her book I may be only mildly Grinchy…..

grinch nickleback ecard
This is about as festive as I get. But Jo’s got the goods!

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Monday Fuzzies- Kick out the jams

Another Monday, another blergh uttered from my breath as I scramble to get everyone out the door in one piece. You’d think by now I’d come to know and accept Mondays for what they are. But nope.  I’m ridiculously stubborn like that. One thing that really keeps me going is music. Music saves, man. It is my religion, and today I’m your pastor, spreading the word. Did a church spontaneously combust upon me saying that?

Music has such a huge impact on my mood, I can turn crap around in a heartbeat by putting some tunes on. And if I’m in a reminiscent mood, I always have set songs that accompany each big memory. My mind is wired to music I think. I have songs pop into my head all the time, dependent on the situation I’m in. I didn’t realise that might be a thing until I was explaining it to my colleagues at a workshop on mindfulness. And they all kinda stared at me in a bemused, confused way. Though, to be fair, I get that look a lot.

While I was trying to be ‘mindful’ (I CANNOT shut my brain down. And ‘ommmmm’ makse me giggle like an immature git) this song came into my head:

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