Gender Bender

I ran into a dad at kindy pick-up today. I knew his wife was due a few weeks before me (like… NOW! Holy shit… I’m next….), so when I saw him I was excitedly rambling and wanting to know how she was. The mum is a lovely lass, and we’d chatted a while back about our bumps. She’d mentioned she was having a girl, and so they’d thrown out all the boy clothes in preparation (they have a boy the same age as Miss SP).


Me: “Oh gosh, has she had the baby yet?”

Him: “Yep! Baby is here!”

Me: Squeee! “Oh that’s fantastic….what’s her….”

Him: “…..another boy”

Me (my face by now is contorted into a ‘do not compute’ look): “Oh wait, what? Huh? I thought you guys were having a girl?”

Him: “Uhhh huh. So did we”


Yikes. Cue me preaching the virtues of having same gender siblings and how awesome it is (because IT TOTALLY IS), and how boys rock pink anyway so it’s all good.  He got it, but I could tell it’s been an adjustment for them. And you know, there’s possibly some disappointment thrown in there.

We hear a lot about gender preferences, and in the media we hear about these ‘outrageous’ controversies of people selecting gender, or even the notion of gender being available to be selected. And many react with outrage. It’s a sensitive subject. And raises all sorts of ideas about morals and values and human life etc.

gender boy girl pic
Both look pretty cute in jelly form, right? Image Source

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Why Can’t We Put Ourselves First?

So I was trying to work from home (read: getting distracted by ALL the things and simultaneously wrangling kids), struggling to keep all the balls juggling in the air and wanting to hide under the dining room table, and I was reminded of this ‘controversial’ concept raised by Gisele Bundchen late last year where she advocates that Mother’s need to put themselves first. Haven’t read the article? Check it out here.

And apparently she’s been met with a some backlash over it? My first thought was “damn straight, Skippy”. And not just for Mothers- for EVERYONE! My number one thing I say to almost every client I have (big and little) is you can’t be there for anyone else unless you’re there for yourself.  Fact. Now, I’m no fan of Gisele, some of the stuff she’s said in the past has been a bit naff to be honest, but this point is something to take on board.

put yourself first mom cartoon
Ain’t that the truth….

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