The Other Side…. of the big C

Today I’m taking a break from Thursday Tidbits, just so that there’s a chance to let all that stuff sink in. It’s huge trying to work out your thinking, break it down and challenge it. We need a bit of time. So keep practicing! Because I’ll totes know if you’re not. I’m waaaaatching you (feeling creeped out enough yet? I’m good like that).  I think we often get so scared about bad shit happening to us, trying to picture what it might feel like in the situation, but never really quite gaining the full picture. So this is all about looking from ‘the other side’, seeing what it’s really like to go through some bad shit. And when you’re confronted with it, how the hell you deal.

I ‘met’ the amazing Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid whilst stumbling my way through my feeble attempts to start up blogging (actually still feebly attempting as I type this).  Instantly I was blown away by her warmth, her spark and her enthusiasm. She’s infectious- in a good way. Not like rabies or that bad rash in places you can’t speak of.  Anyways, I think when it comes to thinking and feeling good, Sam’s a total pro. You’d think life has been one effortless breeze for her with the happy-go-lucky nature she exudes. But you know the corker of it all? She’s gone through one of the toughest things we could face in life- that dreaded ‘c’ word. Not Christmas (though that’s pretty rough too- we’ll learn all about that soon enough), but cancer. And not once, but twice. Holy.shitballs. Puts things into perspective, huh? When you’re faced with your own mortality, that shit can have a little bit of a sway on your thinking and feeling. Sam has kindly agreed to share her story, and how she’s managed to bounce back from such a scary time in her life. And by reading it, hopefully you too can resonate with Sam, and know that you’ve got that strength in you too. It’s right there. You just might not know it yet.

sick ecard

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Building Resilience in Kids Through Lazy Assness

The brilliant Lauren from The Thud has put together a wiz-bang, you-beaut series on the lazy ass parents’ guide to Halloween costumes. She’s da bomb, seriously. What can’t this lady do? My lazy assed self rejoiced no end at such quick and easy ideas. But my lazy ass can’t be assed to kick it to that next level of awesomeness. So I suggested sheets over the kids heads. Lauren, being the clever cookie she is, suggested even extending so far as to put eye holes in the sheet. Bless her. She is a devoted Mama. Me on the other hand? I’m all ‘heck, that’s a lot of hard work there’. Let’s go sans eye holes. I call this a lesson in resilience. I am all about good resilience and wellbeing, you know this. Let’s just not talk about the extreme lazy assed, and potentially negligent parenting on my part and we’ll be good.

Anyways I thought this would be interesting for the girls to see how they negotiate a task where one of their senses was taken away.  And also in trying something new. See? Always with the angle, aren’t I? Halloween seems to be big business these days, and with it comes a heck load of expectations and excitement from the kiddies. But what if they get no candy? What if they’re given a shit costume? All that hype can lead to a bit of a let down. Some kids can bounce back, while others fall flat. So resilience is pretty handy to have. Same for adults in dealing with sugar highs and insane trick or treaters. Let’s see how my ladies went, shall we? *NB no children were harmed in the making of these lazy assed costumes and ensuing experiment.*

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Disney Series of Self Help- Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming!

I was just digging on the ocean theme of last week, so dragged Finding Nemo out of the depths for today’s DSSH. And before you ask? You bet your sweet ass I force my kids to sit down and watch movies with me ALL DAY. They’re all like “Mummy can we please go out and get some sunlight and explore the awesome world around us and learn to read and write?” And I’m like “No way girls. That shit’s for dorks. Sit down, watch TV and let your brains turn to mush”.  Phew. Feels so good to get that out there. Now that we’ve got that established, let’s commence, shall we?

Fishies. Life’s greatest lessons can be learned here. None of this ‘experiencing the world’ shit.

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