Disney Series of Self Help- Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming!

I was just digging on the ocean theme of last week, so dragged Finding Nemo out of the depths for today’s DSSH. And before you ask? You bet your sweet ass I force my kids to sit down and watch movies with me ALL DAY. They’re all like “Mummy can we please go out and get some sunlight and explore the awesome world around us and learn to read and write?” And I’m like “No way girls. That shit’s for dorks. Sit down, watch TV and let your brains turn to mush”.  Phew. Feels so good to get that out there. Now that we’ve got that established, let’s commence, shall we?

Fishies. Life’s greatest lessons can be learned here. None of this ‘experiencing the world’ shit.

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Thursday Tidbit- Relax…. Like Frankie Goes to Hollywood

relaxation ecard

Back for another Thursday Tidbit. And given the topic of post yesterday, I need all the freaking calming down I can. Continuing on from last week, where we learnt how shit happens, this week we’re going to break it down and focus on the body. We saw last week that the body kinda kick-starts everything off. But we don’t pay it enough attention and listen to our early warning signs. Which then leads into that whole process of the mind getting involved, stuffing it up royally, which then leaves us feeling ick and then doing ick things.

So we need to try and slow the body down a bit, and calm down those body clues. If we can calm our body down, it just helps us gather ourselves a bit better so we can work out what the hell is going on in our heads. It’s impossible to try and sort out our thoughts if our body is freaking out.

There’s heaps of things you can do to calm your body down, but the main things I teach people are to use calm breathing, and muscular relaxation. Because they’re quick, easy and portable. You can do them anywhere, anytime.

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Monday Fuzzies- give it away

I’ve been a money miser for as long as I can remember. Mainly brought on by being poor, and not having much. But while it’s good to not be frivolous, sometimes it can lead me to be a total tight arse. I don’t like to part with shit. Ever. It’s a bad hoarding compulsion (but that’s a whole other post). What do you mean I won’t need that chipped cup? Sure as shit I will! And the Ms. Pacman Atari game, circa 1988? Well that’s simply a collector’s item! We won’t talk about the fact I don’t have a freaking Atari to play it on (which I would DIE if I had one. Love.).

Hands off, biatches

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Disney Series of Self-Help- Little Mermaid. Don’t give your voice away, yo!

In the second instalment of DSSH we turn to the age-old classic, The Little Mermaid. Holy shit I went to the cinema to watch this and now I watch my little ladies dress up as Ariel and ‘swim’ across the tiles in our house. It’s a tad creepy, but cute at the same time. Nothing like a mermaid, crab and a fish to teach you life lessons, huh?

little mermaids
Mermaidception. Is this not utterly creepy? Love these girls, but…. creepy.

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