Top Tips When You’re in the Grind

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True dat


I am really beating myself up this year so far, throwing guilt around like it’s confetti. Guilt for not posting enough. Guilt for not juggling all my roles well enough. Guilt for struggling to adjust to a new routine. Guilt for being a neglectful friend, a frazzled Mum, a nutty wife. So much cray guilt. And it isn’t doing me any good. I’ve been trying to find the words to say for a while, but nothing is coming to mind. When I was lost in my own head this morning though, I was thinking about all the people I’ve seen over the years, and what I’ve taken away from them. A lot of people coming in to see me for the first time are in a bad way. Much worse than my cray guilt. Lost in their own pain/stress/sadness/worry/grief/anger/confusion. It’s messy. From there though, we work through stuff, they learn strategies, and they turn it around. Not always in a straightforward way, but we get there. Sometimes I need to get my head out of the grind and remind myself of these things. Here’s the take-home messages I’ve noticed through the years:

  • Holding onto those negative moments is nothing more than a waste of time. It doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t make you feel better, and it’s not fixing the problem.
  • When you’re in that dark hole, it can seem all-consuming. But the only person that can climb out of it is you. No one can make you see that until you’re ready to take it on board for yourself.
  • Sometimes things seem worse than what they actually are. And when, in those rare moments, things really do become that bad, you cope with it. Somehow, someway you do. You might not think you can, but you do.
  • Things get better. They always improve, even if a tiny bit. They may not be perfect, but they get better. You have to watch for the subtleties.
  • Shutting others out only serves to make it harder. There’s no time for pride or guilt here. Open up. Even if it’s the opposite of what you actually feel like doing.
  • Know that you have people on your team. You really do. They might get frustrated, they might get annoyed, they might not respond in exactly the manner you want them to, but they ARE there.
  • Work WITH people, not against them. The world isn’t against you, I promise. More often than not those people want what you want, for things to be working well, and for everyone to be happy and functioning.
  • Take the help when it’s offered. You know you’d do the same for someone else, so don’t be an idiot and say ‘oh no I’m fine thanks’ when you’re not.
  • You get out what you put in to life. Be that therapy, friendships, work. You need to put a bit in to get a bit out. And sometimes unfair shit happens, it does, but really, if you give up and get bitter, you’ll get even less.
  • Stuff takes time. When you’re in pain, it’s not going to go away overnight, or in one quick session.
  • Take an interest in others. Even when you’re so consumed in your own world. It can help you get out of your funk. Be honest when others ask how you are. Truly answer with what’s in your mind. And in turn, be genuine when you ask how others are feeling. Because I can guarantee others will be feeling the same way as you. And sometimes others’ are going through worse, and it makes you sit back and really think about how things are.

StopGettingin yourownWay (2)

If there was some way I could give this to future clients right as they walk in the door…..I’d probably be sacked right then and there. But really, I mean if I could just let them know these things, it could almost circumnavigate a lot of crap. But, we humans are funny things that don’t really like to take on board such tips, until we’ve gone through the crap, come out the other side and then have been able to reflect and go “ohhhh yeah. All that stuff WAS right after all…..”. Or maybe that’s just me. Because. Stubborn biatch. So there you have it. If you’re in the grind, print out the tips, stick them on your wall/ put them in your wallet/ carry them in your pocket. Because we all need a reminder from time to time.

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And we need this reminder too. All hail Barney


What’s your top tip when you’re stuck in the grind?

  • Holding onto the negativity is a big thing for me. I’ve learned to try and not get so sucked in and as Elsa says “let it go.” I try to negate the negativity by doing more of what I love like go exercising, or baking or just taking some time out to vegetate on the sofa. You’re totes right though, we are in charge of our own happiness, we’ve all got our support networks but if you really want out of the black hole, you have to climb out yourself. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it!

  • Hi there lovely. I’m sorry to hear that it’s been getting to you lately but this is a fantastic post and great tips. I think that when you give birth, guilt comes out along with the baby so there is no escaping it and we can be so hard on ourselves, we may as well accept that we are going to feel guilty when it comes to our kids and just get on with it ( I had a big moment of mother guilt yesterday when I completely forgot to take my girl to her first ever music lesson!). I’m guilty of shutting people out when things get tough for me and not asking for help and then when I’m through the other side always wish that I did let people know. I’ve been working on asking for help and sharing what I’m feeling and as there are some unexpected major changes going on in my world at the moment I’m blabbing all over the place, it’s helping!! So I think you are awesome lady and that Barney has got it right! x

  • All of these are great tips! I know that when I get down into the funk, I write. I pull out my journal and get back to my morning pages practice. It may take a few days for it to begin working but I can work through all of those things that get me down, see them through to improbable ends, realize that fears are just irrational fears, create plans to deal with the things that are hard.

  • Great tips Sash. Hope your advice is working for you

  • Awesome advice. I particularly like your suggestion to work with people, as I tend to go into hiding. On another note, I’ve been reading Spark by JJ Rately about the impact exercise has on the brain and it’s very inspiring for an not very exercise inclined person like me.

  • I try and just have some time away from EVERYONE! Head to the beach, if I can. Love these tips. I also think going for a walk helps me!

  • Karen

    So, so true! I find I’m pretty good at helping clients with these strategies but when it comes to myself I’m not so good…

  • Fabulous tips hun – grounding myself this past week in time out worked wonders for me. I hope these tips help you out to chick – you flipping deserve it xx

  • Hugzilla

    I go for a run. It’s incredible how that simple thing can just clear my mind and make me feel physically and emotionally better. Must be those endorphins.

  • Ha ha – yes all hail Barney – just be awesome. Some days that is all I need, other days I need a bigger kick in the butt so this is great advice.

  • Love these tips, and especially your heading meme. The Thursday meltdown!
    I hope your week became less chaotic for you! xx