All I Want for Christmas…….

…… is a double-decker-skyscraper-for- Cinderella-and-Belle-and-Ariel-and-some-wigs-and-a-Spiderman web-shooter-and -a new-Elsa-doll-and-a-Frozen-book-and-a-swimming-pool-and-a-new-castle-for-my-other-parents-Lauren-and-Harold…..

santa gift

This is what I hear  And it starts in July. Legit. Christmas. It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year, right? The big shiny trees, the bright lights, sitting around the piano singing Christmas carols, sleigh bells in the snow… wait what? Sorry, got carried away on clichés there.  It can be a lovely fun time of the year. Except for certain moments when you’re the parent of a child. A child who finally GETS Christmas, and more importantly, understands it is the season for giving. Giving gifts apparently. Lots of them. All to the child. Give me allllllll the presents Mummy.  Grinchmas is my homeboy right now.

So when the catalogues come out, it’s like a Chariots of Fire sprint to the letterbox. Me vs. Miss DP. Racing to the front door, she weasels her way under my arms as I attempt to unlock the front door while having Miss SP hanging off my arm and Bruce under my legs. Miss DP, being the beanpole that she is, can slip out the front door when it is barely ajar. I feel like she’s an extra from the X Files sometimes, she must suck her ribs in and morph her body to slide through the way she does.

And while it’s cute to see her excitement, and to  hear her squeals as she madly circles things she’s desperate for Santa to bring (which is basically the entire catalogue. She might as well just colour the whole damn thing in), I’m also acutely aware of trying to not let her think this is all Christmas is about. Or any celebration for that matter.

Think of the fat man kids. THAT POOR MAN. Greedy little munchkins

It can be tricky to manage kid’s expectations around gifts. We crave their excitement and joy, we revel in being awesome, and feel all loved up when those arms wrap tightly around us. It’s like a drug, giving gifts. I will admit, I am a gift junkie. Can’t seem to kick the habit. I’m all about the adulation. I might need to see someone about it. While we grown ups know that gifts may or may not occur, and that’s ok, little ones  sometimes  kinda miss the point, and they come to expect a lot.

So what we’re trying to do here is let the love and excitement about gifts flow, but also setting up clear expectations right from the get go. Being straight about what these celebratory times are all about, and the number of gifts they receive.  A couple of things we’re doing are:

  • Explaining clearly what it means to get gifts- that it’s a bonus, and not an expectation
  • Making the focus on the celebration instead- time with the family, time to relax and have fun
  • Not promising that every.single.thing *could* become a gift “if they ask Santa”
  • Helping the girls to look outside of their situation. Donating to charities, buying gifts for underprivileged kids
  • Teach them the fun of giving, rather than receiving gifts. And Miss DP LOVES giving gifts. In fact, she’ll give away anything and everything to others. I’m expecting to wake up one day and find her sitting in an empty room. Husband would be happy as it’s ‘less hoardtown’ apparently.
santa hipster
Now THIS is my kind of Santa….. my kids may not agree…

Sometimes, we can feel a little guilty to limit things. But you know it’s the best thing for our cherubs. Whatever disappointment they might feel at not getting the latest Elsa cartwheeling character who also cooks you toast, it will be short lived, and they will move on and enjoy what’s in front of them.  These kinda things are all normal, as kids work out the big picture. While frustrating trying to manage expectations, they’ll get the hang of things soon enough.

Until then I just need to accept my catalogues are going to be multi-coloured for a while, and I’ll sound like a broken record. And if Lauren and Harold think they’re getting another castle… they’ve got another thing coming. Kiss my ass you bastard fake parents.


How do you manage the whole gift sitcho with your kids? Do they steal the catalogues and colour them in like a drunk rainbow too?


Christmas Link Party

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  • Poor Santa having to carry so much stuff. No wonder he drinks all that milk and eats all those cookies, the guy has to carb load for the hard night ahead! Thanks for hosting such a great link up party!

    • Bahahahaha, carb loading Santa fo’ sho’. Poor dude. Kids gotta give him a break. I think Santa prefers a G&T to keep him perky. 😉 Thanks for adding to the awesome link party lady! x

  • Santa is getting cookies here, the fussy bastard.

    • But are they gluten free? That’s the question. Doesn’t taste as good with coconut water if they’re not. x

  • My bigs don’t believe any more so it’s easy to say ” Dude, stop trippin! I ain’t buying that for you!” Sure , they lose their shit but I don’t mind.

    This year I’ve banned ALL technology. They almost rioted. I’m sticking to my guns.

    I’m also stealing your hipster Santa pic. TOO funny!

    • I’m gonna start the ‘stop trippin’ with my ladies ha ha! Love it. I’m just thankful that despite them asking for the world, they have goldfish memories and quickly forget what they don’t have. 😛 Hipster Santa ftw. x

  • LOVE your hipster Santa. My kind of guy he he x

    • Oooooh yeah! He’s my kinda guy too! Bonus points if he delivers presents on his bike with a basket on the front. 😛 xx

  • I follow a poem… Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read!

    • I love that!! Such a good sentiment. So good in fact I think that’s going to be my new jingle for my ladies. x

  • Oh Sash, I think I love you. You’re freaking hilarious.
    Stu and I did take a certain amount of delight in buying a Frozen Elsa doll that plays music for my niece for Christmas. All of the LOLs for my brother-in-law dealing with that one!!
    I’m sure the kid/present situation will come and bite me on the ass one day.

    • Oh lady, watch out! That stuff comes back to haunt you! I remember feeling oh-so clever for buying annoyingly noisy toys…… and then the girls came along. Let’s say karma was a biatch for me. :) Just as long as you don’t gift anyone the most annoying mega-loudspeaker microphone then you might be safe. x

  • I’d get pissed about the catalogues. I seriously love junk mail. I want a “Junk mail please” stick for my letter box.

  • My little guy is not really into the catalogues thankfully. He has started though to point out the things he could have for his birthday though. we are working on limiting the number of presents he’s getting fo Christmas, so not to feed the fire for next year.

  • Haha – I love your take on Christmas. Thanks for the chuckle – and condolences to Santa with that heavy load :)

  • Zahra

    One of the best Christmas blog posts I’ve ever read. We don’t celebrate Christmas at our home but have plenty of friends who do and this article just cracked me up. Love the hipster Santa :)

  • Jo

    We don’t get junk mail out this way! I miss it so much!!! But even though we don’t my FF yr old seems to tell me DAILY exactly what he hopes Father Christmas will be bringing him. I think next year I might start the boys on making crafts to give everyone. That’s what we did as kids. I remember making baskets with lavender pouches, soap on a rope in the shape of a turtle – haha! We used our pocket money to buy the stuff too. We were so busy it saved everyone from hearing that wish list growing with each day :) Genius!